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10 Best Black Ops 2 Emblem Tutorials

Why have an ordinary Black Ops 2 emblem, when you have the ability to create emblems that are completely stunning, fun and original. We have selected 10 of the best tutorials for making Black Ops 2 emblems, so that you can impress your friends and other players.


Batman Black Ops 2 Emblem tutorial



How to make Buttman Black Ops 2 emblem



Batman & Wonderwoman Emblem Tutorial – Best Emblem Tutorials Black Ops 2



How to make Black Ops 2 emblem featuring Sexy Supergirl & Batgirl Cleavage



Optical illusion Emblem Tutorial – Best Emblems Tutorials Black Ops 2



Slender Man Black Ops 2 Emblem Tutorial



Amazing Pikachu Pokemon Emblem Tutorial – Black Ops 2 Emblems Best Tutorials



Black Ops 2 Amazing Spiderman Emblem Tutorial



Tutorial for creating a Black Ops 2 emblem of Sharingan Kakashi



Skull Gas Mask Emblem Tutorial for Black Ops 2


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  • Mad Dog - March 15, 2013 reply

    Wow – never knew the emblems were this straight forward. I’m going to try sexy Superwoman when I get home!

  • Philpott - March 15, 2013 reply

    These guys are talented!

  • steeve - March 15, 2013 reply

    I like the mix beetween simple emblems to realise, sexy emblems and elaborate emblems, it’s a good selection !

  • anonymous - March 15, 2013 reply

    buuuuuuuttman yeah !!!!!!

  • Abdul - March 15, 2013 reply

    Man these are amazing, imma give these out a try. Looks fairly straight forward, always presumed they were more difficult

  • Tom - March 20, 2013 reply

    Buttman…. hahahahaha awesomeness!

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