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10 Cool Online Games That You Can Play At Work

Sometimes work can be very boring… and a little distraction can do you good.

So why not take a short break to play a cool, quick online game, some of which actually look like you are doing work!

Here is a great collection of online games that you can play at work, so check them out and let us know what you think:


1. Cost Cutter

This online game looks like real work, but it’s fun! You have to combine colors to keep the blocks low.

Cost Cutter Online Game




2. Office Chair Freestyle

If you are too afraid to do a real office chair race in the corridor, then try out this amazing online game! You have to make as many back flips as you can, without murdering the guy on the chair!


Office Chair Freestyle




3. Snow Line

This is a very nice online game for the Christmas time. Help Santa to collect all those presents by drawing the snow line…


Snow Line Online Game




4. Web Sudoku

Sudoku is a well-known game. But now you can also play it online!

We think it’s a perfect online game when you feel very bored and you have to concentrate on something other than work!


Sudoku Online Game




5. Sin Car

Try out the Sin Car online game. It is a very simple online game, but it is fun!

You just have to use the mouse to create the circuit, but pay attention! You will lose the game if your car touches the walls…


Sin Car Online Game




6. Gold Panic

In this online game you have to put all the gold into the waggon.

It sounds easier than it actually is….


Gold Panic Online Game




7. Hanger

Hanger is a freaky online game that you can play at work. If you love games with blood, then you will love it!


Hanger Online Game




8. Crash Planning

When you need a game which looks like you are working hard Crash planning will be ideal!

In this game you have to group same-colored blocks to make them disappear.


Crash Planning Online Game




9. Google Pacman

This online game is awesome! It looks like you want to search something on google while you are playing Pacman!


Google Pacman Online Game



10. Excit

Last but not least we want to present the Excit online game.

You just have to run to the exit as fast as you can and with every next level it’s getting harder to reach it!


Excit Path Online Game



With our free WEWANA:PLAY  app you can easily schedule when and with whom you want to play these games.

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  • ben15 - April 25, 2013 reply

    the office chair freestyle is fun!

  • Simon - April 25, 2013 reply

    Great – now I really will not be doing any work!!

  • sarah - April 25, 2013 reply

    I still love pacman, I could play it any time and now also at work 😀 that’s amazing!

  • Paolo - June 11, 2013 reply

    Excit is good for a break at work! =)

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