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12 Best Video Game Soundtracks

When we asked gamers about their best video game soundtracks, some people named “Kingdom Heart” with others naming “Dragon Quest” amongst many others.

Here are our suggested 12 best gaming soundtracks.  Be sure to mention any that you feel belong on the list through the comments below! Enjoy the 12 Best Video Game Soundtracks.





12- Chrono Trigger video game Soundtrack



11- Metal Gear Solid video game Soundtrack



10- Sonic Hedgehog gaming Soundtrack



9- Super Mario World, one of the best known video game Soundtracks



8- World Of Warcraft game Soundtrack



7- Megaman NES Video Game Soundtrack



6- Dragon Age Soundtrack



5- Duke Nukem 3D Video Game  Soundtrack



4- Diablo 2 game Soundtrack



3- Final Fantasy – one of the best video game Soundtracks?



2- Skyrim gaming Soundtrack


1- The Legend Of Zelda Video Game Soundtrack



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  • jackson - May 7, 2013 reply

    Yes, I agree with the no. 1 !

  • Shirley - May 7, 2013 reply

    I love listening to the Super Mario World soundtrack….

  • chloe - May 7, 2013 reply

    oh no, not really! the super mario soundtrack is very annoying ….come on 😛

  • Paolo - June 11, 2013 reply

    The super mario soundtrack is always the best!! =)

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