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20 Greatest Video Game Villains

Machiavellain and charismatic, they all marked our childhood! Here are the 20 greatest video game villains of all time

dr cortex crash bandicoot
Dr Cortex – Crash Bandicoot Villain



Glados_new_body vilain
Glados – Portal Villain



bowser mario  vilain
Browser – Mario Villain



Space_invader vilain
Space Invader – Space Invaders Villain



Pacman Ghosts – Pacman Villain



Dr robotnik vilain sonic
Dr Robotonik – Sonic Villain



kerrigan starcraft vilain
Kerrigan – Starcraft Villain



Mecha-Hitler vilain
Mecha Hitler – Wolfeinstein Villain



Dracula_Castlevania vilain
Dracula – Castlevania Villain



Revolver Ocelot – Metal gear solid Villain



M. Bison – Street Fighter Villain



Zeus – God Of War Villain



Liquid Snake – Metal Gear Solid Villain



Sub Zero – Mortal Kombat Villain



albert-wesker vilain
Albert Wesker – Resident Evil Villain



Saren – Mass Effect Villain



dr-nefarious vilain
Dr Nefarious – Ratchet And Clank Villain



Arthas_the_death_knight vilain
Arthas – WOW Villain



link shadow vilain
Shadow Link – Zelda Villain



Akuma – Street fighter Villain

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  • Hanna - March 6, 2013 reply

    I think when I was young I was afraid of Browser! 😀

  • Mez - March 6, 2013 reply

    M Bison was rock, and I was never good enough to get to meet any of the others!

  • Shirley - March 6, 2013 reply

    I can remember the Pacman ghosts! They are very evil!! :-)

  • phil24 - March 19, 2013 reply

    Akuma is a strong villain!

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