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20 Superb Video Game Necklaces That You Would Wear!

Video Games seem to inspire everything in our lives and that includes jewelry. These can be great as a present for your friend or a nice thing to buy if you are a video games lover.

We have found a cool series of video game necklaces that we hope you enjoy.



Joystick Necklaces:


PlayStation Controller necklace




Xbox Controller necklace

x box control



Wii Controller themed necklace

wii control




Nintendo DS inspired Necklace


For those who prefer to have your console attached to the neck…




Game Boy Necklace

game boy

A sweet memory for the video games lover that you can always keep with you.




Space Invader Necklace


Retro gaming necklaces rock!




Sonic video game necklace


Colourful enough to stand out.




Portal Necklaces

portal 2     



Those are very cool and wearable necklaces.




Pac-Man gaming Necklace

pac man

This is a nice and elegant necklace represented the Pac-Man video game.




Minecraft themed video game necklace


A very recognisable necklace for the Minecraft lovers.




Legend Of Zelda Necklaces:


2.5 lives necklace



Growing Life Bar Necklace

glowing life bar necklace - video game jewelry geek pendant health bar zelda skyrim metal gear-f17214


Triforce pendant necklace





Guitar Hero Necklace


A video game inspired necklace for music lover




Final Fantasy VII Necklace

final fantasy

An original necklace for the Final Fantasy video game.




Call Of Duty Black Ops Necklace

call of duty

An attractive necklace for the hardcore Black Ops video gamer.




Bioshock Necklace


A nice and simple necklace for Bioshock video game lovers.




Battlefield 3 Necklace


Battlefield 3 dog-tags necklace.




Batman Necklace


Batman themed neck jewelry.




Comment and tell us which is your favorite.


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  • Tom - June 17, 2013 reply

    Fantastic set of necklaces, now I know what I want for my Birthday!!!

  • Matthew - June 17, 2013 reply

    I love the Guitar Hero necklace

  • Omar - June 17, 2013 reply

    ok, I’ll buy one of the Portal necklaces for my friend…!!

  • jenny - June 17, 2013 reply

    Beutiful series of necklace!! I want the Pac-Man once…..

  • Stephen - June 17, 2013 reply

    The Final Fantasy necklace is amazing!!!

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