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Video Game Shoes Part 2

This is part two of the awesome collection of video game shoes. If you missed the first part click here!

This time we would like to show you some very cool ones from Nike. Enjoy…

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Lost Planet 3 First Multiplayer Trailer!

The new action game Lost Planet 3 will be released on 30th August 2013 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. It will have a single player story mode alongside multiplayer online.

The story of the game is about Jim Peyton (a space mechanic) who has to work on an ice planet called E.D.N. III. There he has to fight against a lot of nasty monsters including poison beetles or giant cockroaches so-called Akrids. The aim of the mission is to find the energy source of the ice planet and send back the valuable minerals. (Yep, humans raiding another planets and the evil local inhabitants stopping us!)

For the multiplayer game there will be six maps and four different game modes. You can decide whether to play on site of the Nevec Forces (company of Jim) or on side of the Snow Pirates. There won’t be only fighting against each other, you also have to stand up against the bad creatures and weather conditions!

In the Scenario-Mode both teams get alternate offensive and defensive tasks which they have to perform within unforeseen environmental conditions. In the Akrid Survival both teams (each consisting of three members) first have to fight against a lot of Akrids before they face their tasks.

The following trailer gives us an impression of Lost Planet 3’s multiplayer mode and we really looking forward to play this game with our friends, which of course will be scheduled with the WEWANA:Play app!


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10 Cool Online Games That You Can Play At Work

Sometimes work can be very boring… and a little distraction can do you good.

So why not take a short break to play a cool, quick online game, some of which actually look like you are doing work!

Here is a great collection of online games that you can play at work, so check them out and let us know what you think:

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Official Date For New Xbox 720 Announcement!

We have some very good news for you: Microsoft will official announce the new Xbox 720 on 21st May 2013!

After a long time waiting and a lot of rumors later, we now know officially that the announcement will take place in Redmond, where the head office of Microsoft is located.
You will be able to follow the event on live stream via Xbox.com or Xbox Live.

Unfortunately Microsoft has signaled that this presentation will just be a taster. Possibly to prevent the same ‘where is the console?’ type problems that Sony had during their PS4 launch event.  At E3  (in L.A.), Microsoft will however present the new games lineup.

We are really looking forward to play the new games on the Xbox 720 and schedule gaming events for them on the WEWANA:PLay app!


Xbox 720

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Dead Island: Riptide Official Launch Trailer

The new and official launch trailer for Dead Island: Riptide is now live!

The story revolves around a tropical island which was overtaken after some heavy rain and went from being paradise to a nightmare. There will be some new zombie mutations, new characters, dynamic weather, a new communication feature and the so-called ‘defence missions’.

All this information sounds really good, but we recommend you to have a look on the trailer! It will give you a better impressions of the new game and make you all more excited to fight against those creepy zombies!

Dead Island: Riptide will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on 26th April.


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Great Video Game Art Books

If you have ever wanted to find out more about the design and art of your favorite video games, then you are in for a treat.

In this article we put together a variety of great video game art books to add to your viewing lists!

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61 Video Game Earrings

If you like cool earrings or you need a small present for your friend, maybe we can give you some inspiration.

We found a lot of very creative and fancy video game earrings for you!


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