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Cool Video Game Hoodies

Over the last few weeks we have found a lot of video game clothing and today we would like to show you some of the coolest stuff!

Here is a collection of some great video gaming hoodies and we would like to hear which one was your favourite.

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Win BETA Invitations for the awesome: Rising Storm

YES YES!! We have some exclusive Rising Storm Beta Invitations to give away to our members!

Win Rising Storm Beta Keys


Tripwire Interactive and the Rising Storm Team are really happy to bring you the next step towards the launch of Rising Storm, the next game in the award-winning Red Orchestra franchise: the opening of their Rising Storm Invitation Beta.

Please note: this is a BETA. There may still be bugs. This version is NOT linked to your existing copy of Red Orchestra 2, so you won’t be able to switch between your favorite RO2 server and a Rising Storm server yet. This key is for the Beta, for preview, not the full game! When we release the full Rising Storm game (soon), the list of servers for live RO2 and live RS will merge in one server browser.

Rising Storm will be available on Steam (Rising Storm store page) very soon for pre-purchase, as well as in stores and all major digital outlets!”



There are 2 main ways we will be giving away Beta Invitations:


Method 1:

1) Through our main Facebook page:   Wewana:Play Facebook 

We will give away Beta Keys Sporadically so be sure to keep an eye on the Facebook page. Those who have downloaded and used our free app will be given preference (for links to download app click here)


Method 2:

2) Through our official weekly competitions on our sister site Gadeno.

We are giving away 9 keys there over 3 different competitions. Entry is free and quick to all of them with winners being chosen at random once each deadline is over.

Click here to go to Gadeno



We have dozens of codes in total to give away – but you got to be active to stand a chance! In fact who ever writes the most awesome comment on this post by end of Saturday 11th May will also get a code… easy!





Congrats to Alan Young for winning with this comment (effort awards!)

A beta key I wish to acquire.
My situation is really quite dire.
Because I try to be awesome.
And I just look like a possum.
Those with keys I do so admire.

So I thought, “I would really like a key”
“I think I’ll compose a short ditty”
I struggled to think,
but my rhymes did stink.
I’m afraid I’m just not that witty.


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12 Best Video Game Soundtracks

When we asked gamers about their best video game soundtracks, some people named “Kingdom Heart” with others naming “Dragon Quest” amongst many others.

Here are our suggested 12 best gaming soundtracks.  Be sure to mention any that you feel belong on the list through the comments below! Enjoy the 12 Best Video Game Soundtracks.



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20 Sweet Video Game Cupcakes

We have already showed you some amazing video game cakes in our first article in the series, so in the spirit of keeping you feeling hungry, here are more very cool gaming themed cupcakes!

If you try to make any of these, we would love to see the results!

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