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25 Very Cool Video Game Costumes

If you want to be the eye-catcher on the next cool costume party, we can show you some very good ideas.

We found a collection of incredible video game costumes which are very cool and fancy!

Check them out and decide which one will be the best for you…



If you’ll go to this party on your own a Sonic the Hedgehog gaming costume will be very good…

Video Game Costume Sonic the Hedgehog



… or try this red robot video game costume in Rock’Em Sock’Em style!

It is also available in blue if you want another colour.

Video Game Costume Rock Em Shock Em Robot Red



Very funny is this Angry Bird game costume!

Video Game Costume Angry Birds



For the ladies… These Mortal Kombat outfits are very sexy!

You only have to decide which character will fit best to you:

Mileena, Kitana or Sonya Blade.

Video Game Costume Mortal Kombat Mileena, Kitana, Sonya Blade



But there are also Mortal Kombat video game costumes for men!

Video Game Costume Mortal Kombat Scorpion

Video Game Costume Mortal Kombat Sub-zero



Very cool and funny are these Pacman and ghost gaming costumes.


Video Game Costume Pacman2


Video Game Costume Pacman ghost



If you want to go to the party with your friends, these Street Fighter game costumes are brilliant!

For the girls are very cool Chun Li and Juri costumes.

Video Game Costume Street Fighter Chun Li, Juri


The boys can go as Ken…

Video Game Costume Street Fighter Ken


… or as Ryu.

Video Game Costume Street Fighter Ryu



Don’t forget the classic gaming costumes!

Be Mario and take your wife as Princess Peach…

Video Game Costume Super Mario


Video Game Costume Super Mario Princess Peach



But there is also another solution in being Luigi (if you prefer green)!

Video Game Costume Super Mario Luigi


Who can’t miss in this Super Mario Bos. row…

Last but not least Yoshi!

Video Game Costume Super Mario Yoshi




If the Legend of Zelda is your favorite video game, try out this Link game costume.


Video Game Costume The Legend of Zelda Link




Always a very good idea for girls, Tomb Raider!

This Lara Croft gaming outfit looks awesome…


Video Game Costume Tomb Raider



This Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood costume looks great!


Video Game Costume Assassin's Creed Brotherhood


This Kratos gaming costume from Gods of War is a bit more creepy!

Video Game Costume God of War Kratos


The last video game costume we can present is this Halo Master Chief Deluxe game costume.

It is also a very good outfit for your next party!

Video Game Costume Halo Master Chief Deluxe


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  • Kath - April 3, 2013 reply

    I want to be Lara Croft!!!

  • Paul - April 3, 2013 reply

    this assassin’s creed costume is great!

  • zac14 - April 4, 2013 reply

    want to be the master chief next time XD

  • Shirley - April 4, 2013 reply

    Some of them are really good but a few look a bit funny 😀

  • Dan - April 9, 2013 reply

    the angry birds costume is very simple.

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