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5 Reasons Why Playing Online Games Alone Sucks

frustrated-gamer  If you have ever played online alone then you know that whilst sometimes this can be fun, more often it is ruined by one of a number of issues.

Issues that only seem to get more annoying as more people begin playing online and issues that could be solved easily with a quick smack to the head (if it were allowed!).

Here are a roundup of five annoying reasons I dislike playing Online Games alone.



Reason 1,  Why I hate Playing Games Alone Online:

Some People are just way to good


way to good at games

Online Gaming can be a harrowing experience for newbie gamers. You are often pitched against people way better then you and that can often suck.

Not only do these people know every glitch and trick in the game, but the game itself will add insult to injury by giving you inferior weapons and abilities! They are overpowered and over experienced, so you have to fulfil some sort of initiation of getting your butt kicked until you become worthy enough of having equal power-ups.

Add onto that the fact that most games ‘matchup’ systems rarely ever get it right and that you will be most likely attacked by groups of friends who are all way experienced to you, then perhaps you can appreciate how a casual gamer is made to feel when playing online alone.

Oh, lets not forget the verbal abuse you will suffer too… enough to make me throw away my controller and stop playing altogether. That is unless I am playing with friends, as even when they own me, they are still teaching me something and helping me to get better, whereas random people online gain little from helping you improve.



Reason 2,  Why I hate Playing Games Alone Online:

Non stop abuse by people who still have spots



There are some people who seems to prefer handing out abuse online rather then actually playing the game.

The fact that they often have the worst scores on the team will not stop them blaming their team mates for the loss of each game and stringing together endless streams of provocative/obscene phases in the hope of gaining an undignified reaction.

I would love to meet one of these guys face to face, but no, they will sit behind the protection of their user ID’s and produce a volley of such verbal diarrhoea that once again I throw my headphones away, switch off my console and stop playing.


Reason 3,  Why I hate Playing Games Alone Online:

People quitting games when they are losing


I quit

There comes a day in any gamers life where they graduate from being a noob to being rather useful. So much in fact that you might even kick some butt, but be warned, that only opens you to a whole world of other things you will hate about gaming alone.

One such problem is those gamers who can never take defeat. It’s such a problem that moments before the end of a game you will be stuck on a loading screen whilst the game is forced to change hosts.

Now I do understand that once in a while it may become necessary to quit mid-game, maybe the connection is simply terrible or an asteroid has hit your house, but we have to face facts. this problem is so widespread that games have even started rewarding people who stick around until the end of a match!

You can’t win everything, so grow up and admit you cannot always be the best at everything. Be a good winner and a good loser, it will help you go a long way in life.


Reason 4,  Why I hate Playing Games Alone Online:

People joining games and doing nothing



There was once a game called Borderlands 2 which I used to play. It had an interesting multiplayer option which matched you with random opponents so you could drop in and out of their games at will. This sounded great until you found that most of the games you joined had players who were simply AWOL. They would leave their players running and do absolutely nothing, nada. The bosses got harder as there were more people in the game but your playing partner did didli squat as they were simply not there.

So I moved to other games and this just gave me more rage! People will join your game, taking up valuable space which could have been given to other players, and then run off to ‘eat’ or ‘talk to mamma’ instead of playing the game and thus leaving themselves as easy targets for the opposition to pick on.

Why O Why would you join a game when you know you will not be playing? Is it not just common sense to not join, go do your thing and come back and join in when you actually will be playing?

Another reason why I prefer to play online with friends rather then playing alone.


Reason 5,  Why I hate Playing Games Alone Online:

People giving away your position and not caring about winning


There have been many games of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 lately where I have seen some idiot running around trying to constantly shoot their own team mates. Quite often there will be one people they are targeting but it can equally be anyone on the team.

It wasn’t until I saw it a number of times that I realised what was happening. Groups of friends often play online together, but in order to help one another, they do not join together as a party, thus they will all be in the same lobby but can end up on different teams for many matches. During matches when they are on opposite teams, one of them will constantly shoot near their team mates and thus constantly give their position away to the opposite team (which coincidently is full of their mates).

Ridiculous way of cheating which ruins the game for the entire team. Asking that person to stop simply results in them pointing out your positions more often or worse, getting themselves killed so often that they single handedly lose the game for your team. Morons…


All good reasons why I prefer to play with friends when playing online. If only there was a cool FREE app that worked on any mobile phone and allowed me to easily connect and organise gaming sessions with my friends…..

Well there is! You can find it here: Wewana:Play




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  • Max - February 25, 2013 reply

    It’s totally true ! And above all, the morons who insult you without reason behind their screens … It makes me CRAZY!!!

  • Harry - February 25, 2013 reply

    I hate people who rage quit. Why play a game when you cannot take losing!!!! Online gaming has become increasingly frustrating… never heard of your app, I’ll give it a try on my Ipad.

  • Abdul - February 27, 2013 reply

    Man, so true. 1,3,4,5 have happens to be all the time

  • Arona Atamu - June 27, 2017 reply

    A good mind is reflected by the great thoughts and you are brilliant in your genre of writing blog. Great blogs and I am keenly I am keenly looking ahead for more these kinds of blogs these kinds of blogs.


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