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61 Video Game Earrings

If you like cool earrings or you need a small present for your friend, maybe we can give you some inspiration.

We found a lot of very creative and fancy video game earrings for you!


Kirby Video Game Earrings

Kirby 2

Kirby 3

Kirby 4





Legend of Zelda Video Game Earring

Legend of Zelda



Super Mario and Princess Peach Gaming Earrings

Mario & Princess Peach



Super Mario Clouds Gaming Earrings

Mario Cloud Studs



Super Mario Mushrooms Video Game themed Earrings

Mario green mushroom Mario Mushrooms


Supercool! Super Mario Piranha Plant Video Game Earrings

Mario Piranha Plant 2

Mario Piranha Plant



Super Mario Video Game Earrings




Mass Effect Video Game Earrings

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect



Mega Man Gaming Earrings

Mega Man



Easily Recognisable Minecraft Gaming Earrings

Minecraft 2




Bomberman Video Game Earrings

omb bomb



No real pacman, but it’s cute !!

Pacman cookie monster



Pacman Video Game Earrings





Playstation Buttons shaped Gaming Earrings

Playstation button



Pokemon Gaming Earrings





Portal themed Video Game Earrings

Portal 2

portal 3



Punisher Video Game Earrings




Q-Bert Gaming Earrings





Sonic Gaming Earrings

Sonic 2

Sonic 3





Space Invaders Video Game Earrings

Space Invader

Space Invaders




Another cool set of Super Mario themed Earrings

Super Mario



Super Meat Boy Gaming Earrings

Super Meat Boy



Earrings based on the popular video game Tetris




World of Warcraft Gaming Earrings for the hardcore player

World of warcraft 2

World of warcraft 3

World of Warcraft



Xbox 360 buttons Video Game Earrings

Xbox 360 botton

Xbox 360



Yoshi’s Eggs – Earrings based on video games

Yoshi egg



Yoshi Video Gaming Earrings




Legend of Zelda Video Game themed Earrings

Zelda 2

Zelda Majoras Mask Salesman

Zelda shield




Angry Birds Gaming Earrings

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds



Mario’s Boo Ghost Video Gaming Earrings

Boo Ghost Mario



Classic Nintendo Cartridge themed earrings

Classic Nintendo Cartridge



A pair of rather cool Controller themed Video Game Earrings

Controller 2




Donkey Kong Gaming Earrings

Donkey kong




Duck Hunt Video Game Earrings

Duck Hunt



Final Fantasy Gaming Earrings

final fantasy



Goombah video game earrings


Awesome Halo Energy Sword Gaming Earrings

Halo Energy Sword




Halo Master Chief Gaming Earrings

Halo Master Chief




Hitman Video Game Earrings

hitman circle charm

I love video games Earrings

I love Video Games


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  • Shirley - April 23, 2013 reply

    I love the flying Kirby earrings!!!

  • Dan - April 23, 2013 reply

    where can I get the portal earrings? it would be a good present for my girlfriend!

  • anna - April 23, 2013 reply

    Love the Sonic earrings, remind me of great old times 😉

  • Philpott - April 23, 2013 reply

    Man there are so many, had no idea!

  • Michele - January 15, 2014 reply

    I would love to buy a few of your earrings where can I get them???!

  • Dan - December 7, 2017 reply

    Where can I get the Zelda and portal earrings

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