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8 Amazing Musical Video Games

Musical video games allow anyone to become a legendary guitarist; a smooth dancer or the next greatest rock band. Here is our list of the 8 best games to achieve your musical dreams.


Guitar Hero Series





Originally released in 2005 by RedOctane the Guitar Hero series has sold more than 25 million units worldwide. This amazing game quickly became a cultural phenomenon, which has massively impacted popular culture, video games and the music industry itself. The gameplay is simple you hit the coloured buttons on your guitar when the colours appear onscreen; you just need to keep up with the pace of the song. With any luck you’ll be able to impress you friends with your skill, unlike members of our office who get booed whenever they go near a Guitar Hero game.



Just Dance 4



Released in 2012 Just Dance 4 is another entry into the wildly successful Just Dance series. You simply mimic the dancers on screen and get a better score for accurately copying their moves. You can even work up a sweat doing a customized workout in the ‘Just Sweat’ mode or challenge your friends to a dance off in the ‘Battle mode’. If you try out your new and improved dance skills at a club you might be able to turn a few heads. Hopefully it wont be because you fell over.




DJ Hero 3 






A spin off of the successful Guitar Hero franchise, DJ Hero is aimed at those who are more Hip Hop than Rock and Roll. For the first time in the series you play using a turntable instead of a guitar. This new challenge takes some getting used to; you still have to hit the coloured buttons at the right times but you’ll need to get used to spinning some records too. This is an amazing Music game and it brought a great breath of fresh air to the music video game genre.




Dance Central 3

deance central


Microsoft’s addition into the musical game genre is Dance Central 3. As the game is exclusive to Xbox it uses the Kinect to track your movements, which reduces the risk of accidentally throwing your controller through your TV quite a bit. As for gameplay, you just simply copy the dancers on screen. What makes Dance Central stand out from other dance games is that it has a story mode. This mode takes you on an adventure through time in order to save the dance world. If you’ve ever wanted to star in a sci-fi ‘step up’ movie this game is for you.




SingStar Vol 3

sing star vol3


Singstar is a PlayStation exclusive title that is perfect for parties or those times when you want to belt out a tune on the awesome looking microphones provided. The aim of the game is to match your voice to the pitch of the song. It features a range of popular Pop, RnB and Rock songs already on the disk but fear not there is a huge number of other songs you can download. If you get some friends together and put this on you’ll definitely have an amazing night, as long as someone’s singing doesn’t smash the windows.



Rock Band 3

rock band 3


Rock Band 3 expands on the original concept of the Guitar Hero series. You and 3 friends take on the roles of a whole band playing guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboard. If you’re an avid rock fan you won’t be disappointed as the game exclusively features the very best rock songs around. Playing this will instantly make any group of friends a world-class band and it doesn’t require hours of practice in your parent’s garage.



Karaoke Revolution

Karaoke Revolution


Karoke Revolution is another singing game but one that emulates true karaoke. While playing this you’ll be in a virtual karaoke bar, singing along to covers of existing pop songs. Make sure you match the pitch perfectly as the virtual crowd will either be cheering you on or booing you off the stage. Auditioning on the Xfactor will be a piece of cake after performing in front of this audience.






Audiosurf puts a unique spin on existing rhythm games. In this amazing music video game you control a small vehicle that you manoeuvre around a track. Along the way you have to collect coloured blocks that correspond to the notes in the song. The game comes with it’s own preinstalled music but also allows you to use music from your own collection, that way you can have a calm mellow experience or make things more fast paced. This is a great game that lets you spend some time chilling out while listening to your favourite tunes.


We hope you enjoyed them. Comment below telling us which musical video game was your favorite.

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  • Mattew - June 27, 2013 reply

    I love Guitar Hero! When I play I feel a rock star!!

  • Bob - July 5, 2013 reply

    Where’s the Rocksmith?!

  • Paris Smith - July 30, 2013 reply

    Guitar Hero and Audiosurf, the best games ever to chill out and play too!

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