About WewanaPlay

We wana just bring gamers together

Play with others,

not yourself

Imagine the scene….

After a long, hard day at work, you get home, kick back and just want to switch off and play a few online games.

You turn on your console and find none of your friends are online. Normally  you would spend up-to 15 minutes calling and texting them to get online… but, because they are as busy as you are, they can rarely drop what they are doing to join you.

This leaves you to play online against people who are way better then you, teaming up with people who are absolutely abysmal and with those who find it more fun to insult your mother. It is so frustrating that you throw away your headset, turn off your console and simply stop playing.

You would rather play online with your friends, as it’s both fun and social, but it’s such a hassle to organise that you simply give up.

That is until now!

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Let us proudly introduce WewanaPlay, the revolutionary app that works across all mobile devices and across all console and online gaming networks.

So no matter which smartphone you have (Apple, Android or Windows), or which gaming system you prefer to play (PC, Xbox or PS3) you will be able to connect and organise gaming sessions with just a few clicks.

You could be sitting at work, or even in school, make a few taps on your phone and be playing online with your friends as soon as you get home. Without any of the frustration but all of the fun.

Gaming has changed hugely over the last decade. Technological advances and the speed of the internet have meant that instead of having two people playing a game, you can now have up to 14 people in a single game of Fifa, 32 in a game of Call of Duty and millions online at the same time in MMO’s such as World of Warcraft.

The face of gaming has changed and WewanaPlay is well placed to become a valuable tool for any gamer.

A survey of 60 school children showed that 90% of them saw the value in WewanaPlay with 50% of them wanting to use the app instantly.

Tests of WewanaPlay have shown that casual gamers would play online more often if it was with their friends. Online Gaming is becoming inherently social.


How the idea was born

Wewana:Play My Games ScreenshotWewanaPlay was officially born in March 2012 on a Hack Weekend named: Launch48.

After facing the problem of organising gaming session with friends whilst being abroad, Deepak actually stopped playing online. On a short visit back to the UK, where he worked with Gamestation Birmingham to organise tournaments, he realised that all gamers faced the same issue but simply put up with it.

Armed with an idea and a vision, he decided to pitch an event which brought technical and business minded folk together. 48 hours later, WewanaPlay was born.

 Wewana:Play is currently based in Birmingham, UK.

Please use the contact link for media/general requests.