Deepak Pathak

Interview with Streamer FOXDROP (aka Dan)

We met up with UK based League of Legends Youtuber Foxdrop to get a glimpse into his amazing growth story. Enjoy and leave your comments below.   Tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m from Essex, south end in Essex that’s where I’m from – I’m 20 years old. Went to a grammar school

Interview with AbdallahSmash026 (AbdallahNation)

We delighted to catch up with Abdallah aka ‘Abdallah Smash 026’ (an accomplished YouTuber known also as AbdallahNation), on everything Nintendo. Enjoy and leave your comments below.   Can you tell us a bit about yourself?   I am 27, I am a retail manager in a very well respected retail chain over here in


Just yesterday the ‘World Largest Video Game Collection’ was sold for a staggering $750k. Yet people will still tell you that gaming doesn’t pay… go figure.  We decided to delve into the world of video gaming and bring you this cool infographic depicting 10 Bizarre video game records.  Check it out here:  


In the first of our interviews with Live Streamers we introduce Huzzy, a British  League of Legends streamer with a very interesting story to tell. Enjoy and leave your comments below.

5 Reasons Why Playing Online Games Alone Sucks

  If you have ever played online alone then you know that whilst sometimes this can be fun, more often it is ruined by one of a number of issues. Issues that only seem to get more annoying as more people begin playing online and issues that could be solved easily with a quick smack


This is your chance to become part of the WEWANA:Play experience by becoming a local Ambassador.   We are looking for enthusiastic people who love what we are doing and would love to be part of our journey. Your duties would include: 1) Helping promote our app, 2) Helping to test new features and feeding