10 Great Video Games Rap Songs

We have often mentioned that when the world of the music meets the world of video game, then exceptional things happen. If you are a video gamer that loves music, then prepare to be amazed! Many creative individuals have taken inspiration from video games and below we have put together a selection of 10 great

8 Amazing Musical Video Games

Musical video games allow anyone to become a legendary guitarist; a smooth dancer or the next greatest rock band. Here is our list of the 8 best games to achieve your musical dreams.  

13 Best Sports Based Video Games

This post is for the video gamer that loves sport. There are many video games based on a sports theme ranging from Football all the way to athletics. Below we have make a selection featuring 13 of the best sports based video games.

8 Cool Black Ops 2 Easter Eggs

Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 is one of the most famous video games of the moment. In this post we have collated a selection of cool Black Ops 2 easter eggs that you can find while playing the game. Enjoy and let us know which ones you manage to find yourselves in the comments

The Most Popular Video Games Characters

Every video game has a hero or a character that we like.  Think about all the times while playing, that we identify ourself in our favorite video game character to live their adventures.


This post is for the video gamers that like the world of motor racing. There are many car racing video games available, giving us a impossible task to choose the best. We have helped answer this question by creating a list featuring some of the best racing games.

20 Superb Video Game Necklaces That You Would Wear!

Video Games seem to inspire everything in our lives and that includes jewelry. These can be great as a present for your friend or a nice thing to buy if you are a video games lover. We have found a cool series of video game necklaces that we hope you enjoy.

13 Amazingly Different Versions of the Super Mario Theme Song

Video games have had a great influence on the world of music. There are many songs that feature video game references, with many imaginative variations. One of the most recognised songs is of course the Super Mario theme song. Here are a number of very cool variations of the song made by some very creative

the top 7 video games novels

Video games and books… two thing that might seem apparently different, but this isn’t true. In fact  there are a lot of books which mention stories of video games heroes. This post is for the video gamer that loves to read. Below is a list of the top seven video games novels that we suggest

11 great tunes played by video game orchestras

  We all know how video games have influenced most things in our lives. Imagine what will happen if the poetic and traditional world of classical music meet the innovative and funny world of video games… Below you will find some of the most popular video games tunes played by orchestras.  Comment below and tell