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Awesome Video Game Street Art – Part 4

When the wide world of video game meets the beautiful world of street art, magic is born! This is the part 4!





Mario is hugely popular, not simply because he is easy to draw but perhaps because he is just so recognisable.


mario6-street-art-graffiti- video-game

mario-8-street-art-graffiti- video-game

mario3-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Mario Graffiti – Video Game Street Art



mortal-kombat-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Mortal Kombat Street Art




Pacman – Video Game Street Art



metroid-street-art-graffiti- video-game


Metroid Graffiti




Luigi And Wario Street Art




Awesome Giant Mario Graffiti –




mario5-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Mario and Luigi – Video Game Street Art




Space Invaders Street Art



mario2-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Mario Mushroom Graffiti – Video Game Street Art



zelda-street-art-graffiti- video-game

zelda-3-street-art-graffiti- video-game

zelda-2-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Zelda Graffiti – Art



portal-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Video Game Street Art – Portal



sonic-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Dr Robotnik Graffiti – Video Game Street Art



mario-sonic-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Mario Vs Sonic Graffiti – Video Game Street Art



wario-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Wario Graffiti



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  • Paul - April 10, 2013 reply

    the giant mario is incredible….

  • wow13 - April 10, 2013 reply

    there are a lot of super mario graffities

    123josh - April 10, 2013 reply

    yes but they all look very good!

  • jd24 - April 18, 2013 reply

    space invaders are everywhere!!

  • mai - April 23, 2013 reply

    I loved your post.Thanks Again. Really Great.

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