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Awesome Video Game Street Art – Part1

When the wide world of video game meets the beautiful world of street art, magic is born! Here is part one in the incredible Video game street art series:



mario-20-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Mario Graffiti – Video Game Street Art



halo-s-street-art-graffiti- video-game

halo-2-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Halo Graffiti



invaders-2-street-art-graffiti- video-game

space-invaders-3-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Space Invaders – Street Art



street-fighter-5-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Street Fighter Graffiti –  Video Game Street Art



mario-23-street-art-graffiti- video-game

mario-22-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Mario illusion Graffiti – Video Game Street Art



donkey-kong-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Donkey kong Graffiti



streetfighter-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Ryu vs Spiderman Graffiti – Video Game Street Art



street-fighter-ali-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Ryu vs Ali awesome video game based Graffiti



zelda-6-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Zelda Graffiti



mario-7-street-art-graffiti- video-game

mushroom-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Mario mushroom video game Graffiti



pixelpour22-street-art-graffiti- video-gamepixel-street-art-graffiti- video-game

6-flowing-pixels-cartoon-water-art-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Pixelated Water – Street Art video Game



pacman-4-street-art-graffiti- video-game

sonic-2-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Sonic Graffiti –  Video Game Street Art



metal-gear-solid-3-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Metal Gear solid Graffiti – Street Art Video Game



assassin's-creed-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Assassin’s Creed Graffiti – Street Art Video Game



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  • karl - March 12, 2013 reply

    I like that, street art is definitly awesome! Now, i wait the second part :)

  • Hanna - March 12, 2013 reply

    The Mario illusion Graffiti is amazing! Are there more like this??

  • Cockney Jim - March 12, 2013 reply

    I see those space invaders all over London town, it’s like an invasion of the critters.

  • Greg - March 12, 2013 reply

    Ali vs Ryu – incredible !!!

  • Kyle - March 18, 2013 reply

    Where is the second part???

  • Kath - March 18, 2013 reply

    The pixelated water is awesome!

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