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Awesome Video Game Street Art – Part2

When the wide world of video game meets the beautiful world of street art, magic is born! This is the part 2!



mario-21-street-art-graffiti- video-gamemario-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Mario Pipes – Video Game Street Art



mario-15-street-art-graffiti- video-game

mario-19-street-art-graffiti- video-game

mario-16-street-art-graffiti- video-game

super-mario-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Mario Graffiti – Video Game Street Art



gears-of-war-4-street-art-graffiti- video-gamegears-of-war-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Gears of Wars Illusion – Video Game Street Art



zelda-5-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Zelda Graffiti – Video Game Street Art



borderland-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Borderland Graffiti – Video Game Street Art



mario-18-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Mario Vs Wario Graffiti – Video Game Street Art



pacman-2-street-art-graffiti- video-game

pacman-3-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Pacman – Video Game Street Art



Rayman-Origins-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Rayman Graffiti – Video Game Street Art



Megaman-vs.-Dr.-Wiley-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Megaman – Video Game Street Art



callofduty-street-art-graffiti- video-game

EA Sports & Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Graffiti – Video Game Street Art



agrybird-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Angry Bird Graffiti – Video Game Street Art



spaceinvaders-2-street-art-graffiti- video-game

invader-street-art-graffiti- video-game

Space Invaders – Video Game Street Art



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  • Kyle - April 3, 2013 reply

    There it is… great I love this Street Art!!

  • kate556 - April 3, 2013 reply

    I like this big mario graffiti over the whole wall!

  • wow13 - April 3, 2013 reply

    the gears of wars illusion is so cool!

  • phil24 - April 3, 2013 reply

    the angry bird graffiti is funny

  • brian - April 3, 2013 reply

    borderland graffiti is awesome!

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