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Battlefield 4 New Gameplay, Blows Away Call Of Duty




The successor of Battlefield 3 proves that DICE improves its creations undoubtedly and we can expect a game as awesome as its predecessor. Call of Duty, with its community is running out of steam, should be afraid…



Among the new features include animations more realistic than ever before, the ability to drive non-military vehicles or even give orders to your teammates. DICE use their new Frostbite 3 engine in this game, and we must admit that the result is very impressive.

We leave you here to enjoy the images! Battlefield 4 is currently set for release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 for this autumn, we expect it to be announced for the next-gen consoles shortly…

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  • Philpott - March 27, 2013 reply

    Move over COD cos BF4 is here and he wants your crown.

    brian - April 3, 2013 reply


  • wow13 - April 2, 2013 reply

    I love Battelfield 3…. Can’t wait anymore!

  • ann123 - April 2, 2013 reply

    cod should be really afraid!!

  • kate556 - April 3, 2013 reply

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