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Can you trust Video Game Review Sites? – The Black Ops 2 case study

Black Ops 2 was a huge launch. We at Wewana:Play were at the midnight launch, talking to gamers and taking in the atmosphere. There was a lot of excitement with people itching to get home and get playing as soon as the game was in hand.

Well, you can’t blame them. The reviews were awesome, with almost everyone giving it above 80% (many above 90%).

However, the user experience has not matched up the same ratings. We’ve taken a cross section of reviews across various countries to prove the point and ask you the question, can you really trust video game review sites?


If we take an overview from Metacritic we can see:


Website Site rating User rating
Official Xbox Reviews 83/100 User Score – 4.4 (over 1,000 ratings)
Official PC Reviews 80/100 User score – 3.3 (from over 500 ratings)
Official PS3 Reviews  82/100 User score – 4.1 (over 300 ratings)

Individual sites:


Website Site rating User rating
Official IGN (UK) 9.3 – Amazing Xbox:6.8 – Okay
PS3: 7.5 – Good
PC: 7.4 – Good
Jeuxvideo (France) PC 17/20 8/20
Jeuxvideo (France) Xbox 17/20 11/20
Jeuxvideo (France) PS3 17/20 13/20
Gameinformer (USA) 8.5 Xbox: 6.5
PS3: 6.25
GameArena (Australian) 8.5 Xbox: 4
PS3: 5
PC: 6

Some interesting numbers there. The critics’ scores are consistently several points higher than the user-given scores.

How is it possible that so many sites misread the sentiment of their readers?  Is there is reason why so many sites rated the game so highly although the user experience has clearly not been so positive?

What are your thoughts? Let us know below…



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  • Georgia Connors - November 23, 2012 reply

    are you trying to say the scores are faked & not real just to get more people to buy?

  • H Mike - November 23, 2012 reply

    OW, I’ll think twice before reading any video-game blog then

  • Juliet - November 23, 2012 reply

    I don’t even know why people play this game?! All should go and play Starcraft instead! :-)

  • Lewis - November 23, 2012 reply

    I totally agree with this blog, Call of Duty was a HUGE disappointment and it begs the question…do these so called “experts” know what the f*ck they are talking about.

    The game, in my opinion, could have been developed a lot better and seems a little rushed. The graphics aren’t the best, annoying new features and had bloody annoying multiplayer server disconnection problems.

    For all I care these old gits reviewing the games should stop bowing down to big games companies (££££!) and sit down there fat middle aged arses down and actually review a game. If not listen to the what REAL PEOPLE are saying about the game. The numbers never lie!

    Anyway, great blog guys…it certainly got me stirred up!

  • Crawford Wynnes - November 30, 2012 reply

    PC Gamers just have so much more choice when it comes to games.

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