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Travel the world in one weekend with WewanaPlay’s Global Game Jam Livestream




For the 7th year in a row, Global Game Jam is hosting the world’s largest hackathon  (A marathon for gaming developers) where over 25k developers are coming together for one weekend in almost 500 locations worldwide to build games. This year the event takes place on the 23rd-25th January.


It’s a great opportunity to not only help inspire the next generation of programmers, but a chance for  some of the best, smartest and most entertaining developers to gain international exposure to the rest of the gaming world.


Wewanaplay (a Birmingham, UK based gaming company) are planning to livestream the entire event from over 40 different Jamming locations around the world. Each team will be showcasing their event for an hour, helping to bring together the entire game developing community for the very first time on one channel. It’s a great way to showcase how different cultures tackle the challenge and show that even when we are miles apart, we can still come together for great reasons.


Deepak Pathak, WewanaPlay CEO mentioned “With places like Costa Rica, Jamica and Taiwan getting involved it’s going to be fantastic not just to watch the amazing games they create but also feel like you have travelled the world in one weekend.”

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The Street Fighter Series is one of the most well known on almost all consoles. It has spawned many versions over many decades with each system having its own ‘best’ version. Here is a list of the best Street Fighter games for each console…

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10 Great Video Games Rap Songs

We have often mentioned that when the world of the music meets the world of video game, then exceptional things happen.

If you are a video gamer that loves music, then prepare to be amazed! Many creative individuals have taken inspiration from video games and below we have put together a selection of 10 great video games rap songs. Enjoy!




Legend Of Zelda characters enact an exciting video game inspired rap.


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