Interview with Twitch Streamer KireiAutumn

We’re delighted to catch up with KireiAutumn – a League of Legends streamer featured on TSM to find out a little bit more about her and what she’s been up to. Enjoy and leave your comments below!


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I currently live in Vancouver. I’m a full time student, I am studying for a Criminology degree, a bachelors degree – I have about another year or so left because I switched my majors a few times so I’m a little behind. I haven’t taken the class yet but I think there are some classes on Serial Killers which I think will be the most interesting for me


Do you have any nicknames?

I’ve changed my names over the years, so there was Poki, and the one I’m using now, Kireiautumn, I’m probably well known for Kireiautumn, like I have friends in real life who call me Kirei and that’s not even my real name.


What got you into gamkireiautumn2 (1)ing?

I have a younger sibling, he is only one year younger and back when we were little my parents got him a gameboy, and seeing him play it all the time made me want to play, like I wanted to take it from him and play, so my parents brought us a Nintendo 64 to play together so I think it started from there.

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Interview with Streamer FOXDROP (aka Dan)

We met up with UK based League of Legends Youtuber Foxdrop to get a glimpse into his amazing growth story. Enjoy and leave your comments below.


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m from Essex, south end in Essex that’s where I’m from – I’m 20 years old. Went to a grammar school in the area, I had some issues with my life and had to drop out of school when I was 17. I lost my girlfriend, my friends, my sports, I lost everything and to be perfectly honest with you I was on the ropes and then I thought I’d just start youtubing or whatever, just to do something… I’m still no-where near normal and perfect but I feel I can influence people and have a positive impact on the world and the money comes in which is nice. I can chip out around the house with my dad and stuff.


Can you describe your streaming style?

I would say that I strive to be educational first and foremost, but I also like to include some humour now and then, there’s nothing better than some dry sarcastic British humour so I try to chuck that in there every now and then.

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Interview with AbdallahSmash026 (AbdallahNation)

We delighted to catch up with Abdallah aka ‘Abdallah Smash 026’ (an accomplished YouTuber known also as AbdallahNation), on everything Nintendo. Enjoy and leave your comments below.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself?


I am 27, I am a retail manager in a very well respected retail chain over here in the United States. I work there between 45 and 50 hours a week and in my free time I do YouTube as a second job or supplemental income, obviously you guys have seen my YouTube Channel AbdallahSmash026 – we just broke the 128,000 subscribers mark recently so we have quite the following. My channel just primarily revolves around Nintendo GamePlay so I’m just waiting for Nintendo to do more online stuff so I can use your app more and then you guys can incorporate more Nintendo stuff aside from the Xbox and Playstation which your app is primarily known for, especially Battlefield, I know a lot of people use your app for that.

So yeah, I live on my own, I’m married, we have our own house, I have the basement to myself where I can do my recordings. I’m a hardworker, since school. I’m generally a fun guy to hang around with.

(Editor Note: He is also well known as AbdallahNation)

Do you have any nicknames?

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