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Cool Celebrities Who Love Playing Video Games

Don’t think that just freaks or geeks like playing video games!

We will show you some very famous celebrities who love video gaming. Maybe you can guess which games they play?


1Jack Black Video Game

Jack Black is a hardcore video gamer.


Rihanna plays video games

Look, Rihanna is another cool celebrity who loves gaming!


Snoop Dog2 Video Game

Even Snoop Dog is a cool celebrity who loves playing video gamer.


Steven Spielberg Video Game

Steven Spielberg has fun while playing video games.


Will Smith Video Game

Will Smith plays video games at home, on a NES!


Zac Efron Video Game

Zac Efron, yet another cool celeb who likes playing video games.


Ashley Tisdale Video Game

It seems the entire High School Musical Team plays video games in their breaks… here is Ashley Tisdale!


Carmen Electra Video Game

Carmen Electra rocks the Guitar Hero games.


Justin Bieber Video Game

Justin Bieber playing video games on an Xbox (judging by the green cases).


2006 Park City - Nintendo at Moto on Main - Day One

Kristen Bell looks very amused while video gaming on her Nintendo DS.


Jessica Alba Video Game

Then there is the lovely Jessica Alba, who is a well known lover of video games!

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  • Drew - April 23, 2013 reply

    Carmen Electra rocks!!

  • wow13 - April 23, 2013 reply

    Will Smith is cool 😀

  • Philpott - April 23, 2013 reply

    They should get together in a celebrity deathmatch tournament! I reckon Jack Black will be coming out on top

  • SteveO GameO - September 20, 2013 reply

    very cool we will make sure and submit and share this on http://www.sovideogaming.com make sure and submit other cool gaming content.

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