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Cool Video Game Nail Art Part 1

Most people think that gaming is a man’s world… well here at WEWANA:Play we think that this is not true and that we need to give more exposure to cool gamer girls!

Here are some pictures of cool video games themed nail art… just to show you that girls are into gaming too.



This Assassin’s Creed video game nail art looks great.


video game fingernails assassin's creed3



Also this Final Fantasy themed fingernails are fantastic.


video game fingernails final fantasy



Two cool ideas for Angry Birds gaming nails.


video game fingernails angry birds5

video game fingernails angry birds2



Awesome Borderlands video game nail art.


video game fingernails borderlands



Quite simple – cool PlayStation controller themed fingernails.





Wonderful GTA game nail art.


video game fingernails gta



Very funny Pacman video game nail art.


video game fingernails pacman4



Playing Pokémon with this video game themed nails is probably more fun than without!


video game fingernails pokemon



Impressive Punisher video game nail art.





Nice Sonic gaming fingernails!


video game fingernails sonic



We found loads of Super Mario themed video game nail art…

Here you can see the best of them:


video game fingernails super mario2

video game fingernails super mario8


These Super Mario face fingernails are a great idea and a wonderful implementation!


video game fingernails super mario5



Cool Tetris gaming fingernails.


video game fingernails tetris2



Fantastic Tomb Raider video game nail art.

We think it takes a long time and much patience to creat this!


video game fingernails tomb raider



Also these great The Legend of Zelda fingernails were probably a lot of work…

Well done!


video game fingernails zelda2


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  • Tom - June 10, 2013 reply

    Surely those Zelda nails are not real!

  • Paolo - June 11, 2013 reply

    This is a good way for girls to show that they like video games!

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