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Delicious Video Game Cakes No. 2

If you enjoyed the first article in our series of Delicious Video Game Cakes, then here are even more awesome video game cakes.

It’s unbelievable what some people are able to do!


Video Game Cake Mega Man

Awesome Mega Man gaming cake



Video Game Cake Minecraft

Tasty looking Minecraft video game cake



Video Game Cake Pacman 2

Funny Pacman game cake



Video Game Cake Street Fighter Controls

Cool Street Fighter Controller gaming cake – who would not be happy with that?!



Video Game Cake Tetris

A mega Tetris video game cake



Video Game Cake The Legend of Zelda 2

Awesome Zelda game cake



Video Game Cake Wii Fernbedinung

Looks like the real Wii remote control, but it’s really a gaming themed cake!



Video Game Cake Yoshi

Great Yoshi inspired gaming cake



Video Game Cakes Grand Theft Auto

Grad Theft Auto gaming birthday cake – surely too young to be playing so we assume he watches the elders play :)



Video Game Cakes Sonic 2

Cool Sonic video game cake – King of the Ring!



Video Game Cakes Zelda Majora's Mask Design

Wow! Zelda: Majora’s Mask design gaming cake



1 Video Game Cake Super Mario 4

A very good Super Mario video game cake – I soooo want one of these!



Video Game Cake Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds gaming Chrístmas cake, somehow made for Christmas!



Video Game Cake Call of Duty

Call of Duty video gaming cake – a fans favourite!



Video Game Cake Donkey Kong

Perfect video game cake featuring the famous Donkey Kong Game design



Video Game Cake Gears of War 2

Spooky Gears of War Video game cake



Video Game Cake Guitar hero

Fantastic Guitar hero game cake that actually looks like a real guitar!



Video Game Cake Half Life Game Fondant Cake

Great Half Life gaming cake – maybe not safe for children but perfect for adults!



Video Game Cake Kirby


Very cute Kirby video game cake, proving some times the simple things work well too!

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  • phil24 - April 23, 2013 reply

    Some of the cakes look too good to eat!

  • justin - April 23, 2013 reply

    I like the wii control, looks so real ! One to eat and one to play. Awesome!

  • Sunny - April 23, 2013 reply

    Come on, surely the Mega Man and Mario ones are not real cakes…. they look simply impossible to make.

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