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Disney close LucasArts, 150 people laid off


Five months after purchasing LucasFilm, Disney does the unthinkable for many fans by closing the LucasArts studio. Known for the development of many games such as the Star Wars series, but also for their unforgettable adventure games, such as Monkey Island, Sam & Max, Maniac Mansion, Indiana Jones, Grim Fandango and many others.

According to Disney’s plans the studio will close but they will keep the LucasArts name and franchise. So there will be a new Star Wars game, developed under license from LucasArts. Regarding Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault, nothing is less certain.

The representatives from the company indicate that it is possible that other studios may take over development. One option which seems unlikely according to close relations to the studio.

150 people have lost their jobs in learning the news this morning.

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  • Drew - April 4, 2013 reply

    That’s sad…

  • Shirley - April 4, 2013 reply

    I’m sorry to hera this!

  • Dan - April 9, 2013 reply

    Oh no.. I like all these games!!

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