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Download the WEWANA:Play Beta App for Android and Apple devices NOW!

WEWANA:Play is in Public Beta!

We are happy to announce that our Beta version of the app is now available in both Apple and Android app stores!

REMEMBER this is our first BETA release, and although we are immensely proud of it, we still know there is a long way to go with many new and exciting features to be added very shortly. So please bare this in mind when using the app and especially when giving us a review :)

Before we give you the links to download the app, here are a couple of cool early stage concept videos to remind you of just how awesome our app is…


So, just three simple things left for you guys to do:


1) Download and test the app using the buttons below (Remember, it’s still early stage but already does some of the things we want)
2) Write a review :)
3) Send round to anyone that would be interested or better still invite your friends from within the app.

Thanks for the support over the last few months and looking forward to watching this baby grow into a monster!



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  • Lee - December 7, 2012 reply

    cool! great idea

  • Crawford Wynnes - December 7, 2012 reply

    Sweeeeeeet. Pick you players… It’s game time. Actually pick your game as well :)

  • Josh - December 7, 2012 reply

    Cool App & concept for only a Beta release. Can’t wait for them to roll out more features! I wanaplay!

  • Gabriele - December 7, 2012 reply

    Running on my Android! Very cool!

  • Agne - December 7, 2012 reply

    looks really good! will definitely ask my friends to sign up and play Fifa with me

  • Abz - December 7, 2012 reply

    Sweet app. For once in my life i new who was going to have my back in my game. No more noob’s shooting at me and giving away my position. Thanks alot and hope theres loads more updates in the near future

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