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Duck Tales The Game – Remastered!

If you watched the cartoon or better still played the game ‘Duck Tales’ then you will be happy to know it is being remastered and scheduled for release in the summer.

The video is awesome, just for the┬ákaraoke style theme tune…. who would have known that all those years I had been singing the wrong words! Check it out below:

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  • Kath - March 25, 2013 reply

    I watched the cartoon and played the game…. That was great!!

  • Philpott - March 25, 2013 reply

    Derring-do? Never knew that

  • Kyle - March 25, 2013 reply

    Great video! Duck Tales are brilliant!

  • kzam1 - March 25, 2013 reply

    Return in chilhood !!

    Paul - March 25, 2013 reply

    Yeah! I really remember my childhood

    Abdul - March 26, 2013 reply

    Man old memories, makes me feel old now. Miss childhood

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