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EA Announces the Surprise Title FIFA 14!

On Tuesday EA announced the surprise news that they will actually be releasing FIFA 14. Fans were took by surprise with many already placing pre-orders and beginning to queue outside stores.

EA were kind enough to also release screenshots to give us a first impression of the new game and show how difference it is to the previous versions.

Wewana:Play surveyed a selection of gamers and received the following reactions:


I love the new screenshots, it looks like the grass is so much greener and everything


Wow so excited for Fifa 14, I really though they were going to end the series at 13. That is what my mom told me.

It is to be released in fall for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and there will be a lot of new features.

The new features include Pure Shot, Real Ball Physics, Protect The Ball, Team Intelligence, Sprint Turns While Dribbling, Variable Speed Dribbling, Repositioning in Combat and Spin-Through Balls. The developers have also promised that there will be new mini games for the competition training mode Skill-Games and an over-worked career mode.

All this news sound really good and we are sure that the following pictures will make you all excited to play FIFA 14… see if you can spot the difference from just about any other Fifa game!





















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  • maxim - April 19, 2013 reply

    Keeping a eye out for it, you’re right . The grass really seems greener, it even blinds me xD

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