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Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar has published some new artworks for GTA V as you can see below.

They depict a getaway by water and motorbike after a successful bank robbery. We expect that there will be many more vehicles to explore and try!

In this game there will be also a new character called Casey, voiced by Jeff Wincott, who is known from  Sons of Anarchy, Blue Bloods, Person of Interest and The Wire.

After looking at the new artworks we all will looking forward to play Grad Theft Auto V which will release on 17th September 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. There is no formal confirmation of a PC version yet.




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  • Philpott - April 16, 2013 reply

    I’m gonna steal me a boat and a jet ski!

  • Dan - April 16, 2013 reply

    Looks great!! Really look forward..

  • Kath - April 16, 2013 reply

    Don’t want to wait anymore!!

  • Alex - April 17, 2013 reply

    That will be fun!

  • jd24 - April 18, 2013 reply

    love gta… and the pics looks very cool!

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