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RetroN-5: play classic games from nine systems


After RetroN-3, which already plays games from 3 consoles (NES, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis), Hyperkin now present the RetroN-5, which works on the same principle, but can play games from an incredible nine systems!

It reads the original cartridges and it also supports original controllers, if you still have them! It can read cartridges from NES, Famicom (NES in Japan), Super Nintendo and Super Famicon, the Genesis, the Genesis (Megadrive U.S.), the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance.

These games can also be rediscovered on our big screens up to 720p through an HDMI port (with blur being erased) whilst an SD card will quietly save your progress.The manufacturer of the console promises that its price will not exceed $ 100. It will be accompanied by two bluetooth controllers, at no extra charge.

The launch date is not known, but they say it could be available after June!

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  • Chris - March 26, 2013 reply

    That sounds very interesting! Maybe I should buy it..

    Drew - March 26, 2013 reply

    yes and it will be not too expensive.. very good!

  • Philpott - March 27, 2013 reply

    That is seriously retro

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