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In the first of our interviews with Live Streamers we introduce Huzzy, a British  League of Legends streamer with a very interesting story to tell. Enjoy and leave your comments below.


Tell us a little bit about yourself?Me1

Well I’m a league YouTuber, I’ve been going for I’d say about 10 odd months now, it’s going fairly well for someone that hasn’t had like amazing help trying to grow my channel, I’ve done most of it myself.

I’ve always been interested in helping people. I used to be heavily invested in Sport and I was always football team captain and all that, trying to urge people to do better and that’s basically where I started my YouTube Channel. I was a decent league player and I thought I could help people get better.

I Live in Cambridge in England and I’m in University as I’m doing a Computer Games Design degree We have like 14 different like universities here, under the University of Cambridge umbrella

Do you have any nicknames?

People call me Huzzy. Yeah it’s my gaming alias I’ve been going with for about 5 years now

And how did you come up with that name?

As [with] many people, World of Warcraft was like the first computer game that I played and my surname is Herbert and has a H at the start. I don’t know where the Uzzy bit came from but the H came from my surname and Huzzy was my name, I don’t have some amazing story, but yeah.

I think Herbert is a very German name?

It is yeah, we originate from Germany

Do you use any other nicknames or just Huzzy Games or Huzzy?

I’ve had a few over the years. One of my other big nicknames was actually called ‘Tank’. That’s pretty much because I’m short, wide and can run through anything. Yeah other than that Huzzy’s been my main nickname, because like my University Professor calls me Huzzy, yeah he actually watches my YouTube videos.


Yeah, which is quite weird, yeah he actually watches my videos, which is a bit odd.

What got you into gaming?

Well most of gaming stories that you hear are sad ones like you know like friends moving away so you get heavily invested in gaming. Mine was more like I had sport then I came home and just relaxed playing video games. But then probably in sixth form time [16-18 years old], that is actually where my sad story of gaming comes in where all my friends moved away, different time tables, different universities, colleges whatever. So I became heavily invested in gaming and realised that I was pretty decent at it in League and that’s translated into what I am today

What was your first game you remember?

Probably ‘Crash Bandicoot’ on Playstation One. That was probably the first, yeah, I loved them old school games, I wish they still made them today, but yeah.

What got you into streaming then?

Basically when doing my YouTube Channel I get sent a lot of questions in private messages by people wanting to improve. So I thought, if I can stream live, show people what I can do, live and then I can have interaction with them, like they can as a question live. then it’s a win, win. So they can ask me a question and I can answer the question there and then – Yeah streaming is fun

How long have you been streaming?

Well I’ve been on and off with streaming as it’s quite time consuming. I’d probably say I’ve been streaming for about 6 to 7 months, but I’ve only recently got back into it about 2 weeks ago because I had like a month break. On average, I get, if I don’t put anything out about 100 to 200 people watching which is pretty good.

Which is better, making YouTube videos or Streaming?

Both offer different things. I think Twitch is more raw, like, your literally having the person playing, your getting their emotion your getting everything involved. Their thought process live, which I think is really valuable if you want to learn the basic of the game, whereas on YouTube you can go into further details of like literally this is how you play step by step. Both offer different things and if like someone wants to get better at League of Legends or something like that, I think watching both as a combination is probably the best thing to do

What was your first stream?

Well my first stream would have been a League of Legends one, but I probably would have been like involved in other ones before but in a different game. I probably would have been on some Call of Duty streams because I used to play competitive Call of Duty as well.

But my own one that I have obviously broadcasted myself would have been a League of Legends like Solo Queue or something

What  is your favourite game at the moment?

Well League is an up and down game, you have really good moments and you have really bad moments, it’s the game I play with a competitive team, that drives me. I’d say it’s my favourite game right now, but yeah, my favourite game of all time probably was World of Warcraft back in the day, but League right now I’d say.

huzzy 2

What kind of character were you in World of Warcraft?

I had everything at max level and I made a Warrior, a hunter, a priest, a shaman. I’ve made most things because I was actually a raid leader and a guild leader of a WOW guild as well, I’ve done quite a bit of gaming, yeah when you say it all it sounds quite bad, but yeah

What do you think is the biggest challenge in being a guild leader?

Knowing where it becomes, like I was in a fairly good guild, so you have to know your limits, of right, this person’s not performing, are we going to keep him or are we just going to kick him and find somebody new. I think that was the hardest thing, which I think can also translate into League of Legends – with our competitive team. I’m in a team with Phy and we’ve had to kick people in the past and get new people and all that.

What is the objective of your stream?

Well mainly my stream on YouTube is just to really help people. I initially started streaming on YouTube to be honest out of boredom. I was on a gap year before University and I was literally just sitting round the house doing nothing so I started streaming. It is mainly to help people, there are perks on the side but I’d say it is mainly to help people to get better.

Do you have a number of followers you would like to reach?

Well 20,000 is my next goal, which I should hit within the next maybe couple of months. But my year goal, I’m someone [who] has always set goals for myself, it helps me drive myself etc, the whole year, 12 months is 50,000 which is quite a lot, but I think I can do it.

How do you grow your audience?

Word of mouth obviously is a really big thing within the League community; because you know one player tells another player that this person helps you out, but the biggest one is the League of Legends Reddit, that is where people can literally go from 10,000 subscribers to 50,000 subscribers in like a week if you get like several videos on the front page. I’ve done a few videos that I’ve put onto the front page of Reddit and my biggest video ever has 150,000 viewers and that was on the front page, yeah that’s probably the easiest way to grow your channel or stream.

You have other players in your game group, what kind of streamers are they?

Well you’ve got, Phy which you know (who has also been interviewed by Wewana:Play); being PhyLoL YouTube, he’s nearly at 100,000, we’ve got well kind of his brother as well Foxdrop. I actually knew Foxdrop before Phy – Foxdrop being 150,000 subscribers I think on YouTube now and also a streamer. Then I have played a few with the likes of Keyori who is a YouTube worth 300,000 subscribers or Uber Danger with 200,000.

Keyori is the biggest YouTuber that I know and he is like comedy, he does really funny stuff. If you’re playing with him he is pretty funny.

Uber Danger has 200,000 subscribers and Keyori who has 300. Then there are people who are part of my group who I’ve known for about 5 years from WOW that is just gamers, they have nothing to do with YouTube, no streaming they are just gamers. Which is quite refreshing when you’re going out of a world that you know, it is highly competitive, competitive players and streamers etc then you go to a different group [where] everybody is just gamers and having fun. I quite like that I have them two different groups that I can just jump in one and the other. It does helps

huyyz 3

How do you keep your audience engaged when you are streaming?

That’s a difficult one because if you’re playing a game and you’re not doing very well they will probably turn off the stream, so one of the biggest points is try to play as well as you can, because if you’re playing well people will love to see that, people want to continue watching so yeah, 1 is play well.

2 is interact with them because some of the big, big streamers out there like TheOddOne or Bereghost that have like 50,000 viewers at once. They can’t interact with chat, they can’t answer questions they’re just popular because they’re in the LCS, whereas someone like me that’s much smaller doesn’t have the luxury of being in the LCS, I have to interact, answer their questions help them where I can and that again makes them stay, which is good.

How do you notify your audience and tell them where you are going to stream?

Well right now I use Facebook and Twitter and all the likes, but I’ve heard of this really good app Wewana: Play

Really? Yeah? *whilst laughing*

Which I’ll be checking out and yeah, I’ll probably use that in the future

Yeah, good answer. – So how would you describe your streaming style?

My streaming style is, hmm, I’m probably, like not funny, if you want to have a funny stream you probably shouldn’t come to my stream. My stream is more about learning and serious, which I know some people go for entertainment, mine I suppose could entertain but your coming there more of a lesson that anything else I would imagine. So yeah just to help people I suppose, I mean I am more of a serious than a funny person anyway, so yeah that’s probably what you will get from my stream.

What is next for you? Do you have any big dreams?

Well big dreams, well a basic one is complete my degree, which is a personal one, but then bigger dreams, if my YouTube channel continues to grow I’ve got casting experience, so commentating, in League of Legends so when I finish my degree. I would love to apply for a castor spot on like the LCS the professional scene in League. I’d love to get in that, I mean it’s a one in a million chance I’d get in, but it is one of my dreams.

What do you do when you are not streaming?

Well I go to the gym. One thing about being a gamer, well a lot of people forget it, you have to have a healthy body I think to have a healthy mind in League or any game really, because as a gaming community we are not the most healthy in that aspect. So try to keep yourself healthy and eat as well as you can, saying that I did have a Burger King and an Indian take out yesterday so that’s not the best example.

Yeah try, even if it’s half an hours walk a day, just try to keep yourself a little bit better. That’s what I try to do anyway, other than that I’m pretty much the guy who wakes up goes to University, comes home and plays games. That’s pretty much me right now.

Tell us one crazy or interesting fact about yourself?

Oo God the only one I can kind of think of, is I’ve beaten the, if you’ve ever heard of the YouTuber Theene, he’s quite big.

Have you heard of the YouTuber Theene? He’s a rather big YouTuber and I’ve beaten him in a game of League of Legends, and he, when he was actually streaming the game. He was streaming in front of about 40,000 people maybe and he actually faked a disconnect when I was about to kill him.

I didn’t end up killing him because I thought he had actually generally disconnected but then I went back and watched the game over on his stream and he didn’t disconnect at all. So I let him live which I regret, but yeah

Is there is anything for you to add?

I’m pretty much good, you know. I just do my YouTube thing not for anything else but helping people. I know a lot of people do YouTube and that for money or stream for money, I don’t care about that, I just try and help people get better. My main focus on the streaming or YouTube is going at the community because the League of Legends community is really bad, like really toxic, so I try to just tell people to calm down, don’t rage and do the best you can, and that’s pretty much my message that I try to give.

That’s a very social attitude to have

Yeah well games can be serious but they don’t need to be that serious, yeah that’s it.

To stay up to date with all of Huzzy’s streams make sure you follow his Wewana:Play page. Just click the image below and never miss a stream again.

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