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Interview with AbdallahSmash026 (AbdallahNation)

We delighted to catch up with Abdallah aka ‘Abdallah Smash 026’ (an accomplished YouTuber known also as AbdallahNation), on everything Nintendo. Enjoy and leave your comments below.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself?


I am 27, I am a retail manager in a very well respected retail chain over here in the United States. I work there between 45 and 50 hours a week and in my free time I do YouTube as a second job or supplemental income, obviously you guys have seen my YouTube Channel AbdallahSmash026 – we just broke the 128,000 subscribers mark recently so we have quite the following. My channel just primarily revolves around Nintendo GamePlay so I’m just waiting for Nintendo to do more online stuff so I can use your app more and then you guys can incorporate more Nintendo stuff aside from the Xbox and Playstation which your app is primarily known for, especially Battlefield, I know a lot of people use your app for that.

So yeah, I live on my own, I’m married, we have our own house, I have the basement to myself where I can do my recordings. I’m a hardworker, since school. I’m generally a fun guy to hang around with.

(Editor Note: He is also well known as AbdallahNation)

Do you have any nicknames?

No I don’t, just Abdallah, it’s actually my real name – people think it’s a last name, but it’s actually my real name.


What got you into gaming?


Gaming has been in my life since the NES came out, you guys remember right? It was like’85 or ’86 era, I was born in ’86 so ever since I could hold a controller at my babysitters house I was just playing Mario non-stop and that was just an everyday part of my life growing up. I was an only child so I didn’t have any brothers or sisters so the only thing that kept me company beside the kids in the neighbourhood was my Nintendo, or the Super Nintendo or the N64 when that came out or the GameCube, you know it was straight up Nintendo growing up and since I was an only child and friends didn’t come round all that often because they lived a couple of blocks away, I found myself just hanging out with video games and getting really good at them and the rest is history.


Just gaming has always been a part of my life. Now I’m fortunate to live on my own and I’ve found out about YouTubing. I’ve turned my childhood hobby into something that’s actually working out for me. So it’s WinWin, it doesn’t even feel like work, but it is work.


What got you into Live Streaming on YouTube (with Abdallah Smash)?



Live streaming is something that I heard of when I first started my YouTube channel, my buddy said that there is this one guy who streams on Twitch and he just plays video games and that’s all he does, and thousands of people tune in to watch him, and I thought I’m pretty good at video games, so I think people would like to watch me play that. About 2 and a half years ago, Live Streaming wasn’t really a thing on YouTube – Like there was on Twitch there always has been. But I was trying to partner up with someone to enable that feature on

YouTube, and when I got it enabled after about a year or so I’ve just been trying it out with like different things. I’m finding out that it’s not just that guy that plays video games and let’s watch him, It’s turning it into lets interact with this guy, let’s have him answer the questions we ask him, or let’s get him to pick one of us to battle live on the stream, its more than just watching, its more interaction and I feel that my YouTube channel is all about that. It’s taking it a step further and interacting with my audience.


Is this how you keep them engaged?


Yeah absolutely! There are so many things, like my Pokémon live stream for example, I start out a live stream and I take a battle request off twitter whoever is tweeting at me, I’d call out their name and we will have a quick battle then I’ll grab someone off Facebook, if you’ve messaged me on Facebook, I’ll battle you right there or if you’re in the comment section let’s battle right now, and a lot of people would tune in to that just for a chance to be in the live stream or to battle with me. There is an in game chat feature that they get to actually be on the live stream and talk a little bit kinda like skype, like what we are doing now.


Do you like to make videos about Nintendo as well as the live stream?


Yeah absolutely! I like to incorporate both of them. I do pretty much the new releases that come out for the Nintendo systems, like Pokémon – I’m doing Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze right now for Nintendo 3DS. I’m also doing Bravely Default which is a fantasy RPG and live streaming, I do them consistently every weekend at the exact same time. I’m training my audience once they are out of school on the weekends to look forward to 4 O’clock Central every single weekend so they can tune in and hang out with me. My demographic is more the teenager to early 20. I do a daily upload at 4 O’clock central and I also do live stream on a weekend so there is a lot going on.


How did you grow your audience?


subscriber spotlight abdallah smashBefore Pokémon, well the new Pokémon came out and everyone has been waiting like 6 or 7 years for that to come out – before that I had about 20 subscribers’ maybe 30 subscribers I don’t remember but once that Pokémon game came out I did that day one and I was literally in my basement recording, editing, uploading, rendering, driving, thumb nailing, I was doing all of that non-stop in order to pump out that latest footage for it and it was entertaining at the same time so everyone would be searching for that Pokémon game and then I was noticing every single day I was getting 200, 300, 400 subs just because of that, so Pokémon, that made my channel pretty much sky rocket and now it’s kind of plateauing to a consistent 200 subs a day kind of count.


How do you notify them when you are going to stream?


That’s a good question! It’s often very hard to do so but on my YouTube Channel (Abdallah Smash 026) since I stream on YouTube it has an awesome function you can adjust your homepage – you can see underneath my initial video it shows upcoming live events, there is a section you can do that – so when I know I’m going to be streaming which is consistently every weekend I would upload the stream to that event part so whoever is browsing my channel they can see that there is an upcoming event which is coming up on this date and you can click on mark your calendar if you have Google calendar or note it that way.


Other than putting it on my channel, I usually tweet out to like half an hour before my stream to my followers and my facebook followers but I’m trying to get them into the consistency, its 4 o’clock central every single weekend, it’s like looking forward to your favourite TV show.


How do you describe your streaming style?


I’d say energetic, I would say, you guys can watch any of my loaded live streams that are on my channel and as soon as I’m done with one of them it gets loaded onto YouTube as an actual video in case you missed it live.


I would say energetic, outgoing and more engaging with the audience, I give shout outs to people in the comments section if they say something funny. I pay attention to whatever they are saying and at the end of my live streams I am more personable because I put my webcam on and they are talking straight to me whatever they want to ask me. I do a Q&A so I can keep them up to date with what’s going on with me and the channel, what they can expect next day or the next weekend.


What do you do when you’re not gaming?


Well I do a good 10 hour to 12 hour work shift, so I get home and I’m dead tired. My work shift is 2:30, I wake up at 2:30am get out the door by 3, get to work by 3:45 then leave by 2pm so it’s a good 11 hour day but other than that I just come home, I make some dinner. My wife comes home at 4 o’clock everyday catch up with our TV shows like we are finishing up Game of Thrones, we are on Season 3 of that – just like watching Netflix. When I’m on a day off I pretty much mass record anything that I’m going to upload over the next week and I also clean up all the things a house owner should, you know?


Can you tell us a crazy or interesting fact about yourself?


My wife and I have 4 cats, there are 4 cats in the house – the oldest one is Gizmo who is 12, then we have Milo who is an orange tabby who is like 3 or 4, then twin grey cats that we call the Greybies, names Enzo and Rocko – we aren’t looking to have any kids yet, we are just trying to enjoy the married life then settle down and have some kids later on – I wouldn’t mind a mini-me hanging around playing video games with me that would be pretty awesome!


So in a few words why should people watch your stream?


It’s more engaging, it’s not just watching someone play video games,its more interaction with your favourite YouTuber – the people who don’t know me will come to love me and my game play style.I’m pretty pro at the games I play, so there is some pretty pro game play footage and at the same time subscriber interaction and what else can you ask for!


To stay up to date with all of Abdallah’s streams make sure you follow his Wewana:Play page. Just click the image below and never miss a stream again. (Or click here)


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  • Freddie - January 31, 2015 reply

    Really nice to see someone other than a minecrafter or LOL player getting respect online especially Youtube. I wonder what Abdallah thinks about Nintendo’s recent attempt to claim money from anyone showcasing their games on Youtube…fair game or silly?

    Josh - January 13, 2017 reply

    hey, what’s Abdallah’s real name and his email?

  • Sarah K - January 31, 2015 reply

    Good point Freddie,
    I know PewDiePie made a video claiming it was absurd a few days ago. Got to be affecting guys like Abdullah too.

  • jacob - February 1, 2015 reply

    Awesome interview, i love everything nintendo aswell, i love wii sports the most cos it tells me im older than i am, it says im 106 when i play the tennis game lol!

  • jellybabylover - February 1, 2015 reply

    how does abdallah manage all that and work a full time job? must be really dedicated!

  • G - February 4, 2015 reply

    hey, more interviews like this would be awesome!

  • jrh - February 4, 2015 reply

    It’s so interesting to hear about how these guys actually manage to maintain a successful following. Sounds intense!

  • James O'Connell - February 4, 2015 reply

    Great interview it was really interesting, would love to read more!

  • Sim - February 5, 2015 reply

    Awesome interview. I love everything about Nintendo 3DS 😀

  • Jayden - February 24, 2016 reply

    Can you add me as a friend I am a hugeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Fan

    Josh3560 - January 13, 2017 reply

    hey, what’s Abdallah’s real name and his email?

  • Xander - May 4, 2016 reply

    You are the best you tuber I really like your videos

  • Xander - May 7, 2016 reply

    I love your videos they are amazing I am your biggest fan

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  • julius - November 20, 2016 reply

  • julius - November 20, 2016 reply

    how do you get eterna

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    o k

  • Josh3560 - January 13, 2017 reply

    What is Abdallah’s real name and his email?

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