Can you be one of our Ambassadors?

We are recruiting an army of Ambassadors to help spread the word about WewanaPlay across all schools, colleges, universities and workplaces.

As an WewanaPlay Ambassador you will be introduced to our inner circle where you will hear about all our plans first, have your opinions heard and even help influence our future plans. Alongside the awesome experience you will gain, we also offer certificates and letters of recommendation to those that need (and of course qualify to receive them).

There are two types of Ambassadors that we are looking for:

  1. WewanaPlay Ambassadors who focus on the promotion and expansion of our awesome app – helping create collaboration with gaming societies and influences. They also work very closely with SGC ambassadors:
  2. Student Gaming Championships (SGC) Ambassadors: SGC Ambassadors focus completely on our awesome project to create the UK’s largest Student Gaming festival

Both sets of ambassadors work very closely together as we are all WewanaPlay but we separate  then to create a slightly different focus. SGC ambassadors are all about creating great teams and helping facilitate the most fun events ever. WewanaPlay ambassadors focus more on the expansion and well being of our brand and app  in general.


Becoming a Student Gaming Championships Ambassadors

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SGC (Student Gaming Championships) is due to launch in December 2014,  but before we can get into the thick of it we want to see how you, our ambassadors are able to successfully promote and organise your local event.


When: This trial event will be a 24 hour live stream which is currently scheduled to be held between 3pm the 9th (Tue) and 3pm the 10th (Wed) of December. A full 24 hours. We will be organising one in our HQ and we want scored of ambassador communities to be doing the same. We want you to mirror our event!


Why: WewanaPlay has a history of helping charities and we want to start SGC off in similar vein. When the hospital approached us to help with their Christmas appeal we knew if would be the best way to launch SGC too.


What: The great thing about this opening event is that its for a good cause, we are looking to reach a donation target for the children’s hospital Birmingham. Donations will be made either to us directly via physical toys or via our donation page which will be accessible at various locations including our twitch stream. So the more viewers we get, the more donations we get and the more donations the better the Christmas for these children!! HoHoHo


How: The live stream will be hosted on our WewanaPlay Twitch account and we want our ambassador communities to mirror our event. We want at least 10 of our ambassador communities across the country to organise their own 24 hour live stream and help us together to make a massive dent in the hospital’s fund raising target.

We want to support our ambassador communities by featuring  them on our own live-streams, giving you more exposure and helping kick start your own SGC communities.

We want you to be creative with the time, think of ways you could make it interesting. Remember this is for a good cause while at the same time seeing how passionate you ambassadors really are! We would encourage all our ambassadors to interact and share ideas on our Facebook ambassador page – as we want to build a community and help each other learn, gain experience, create awesome events and have lots of fun too.

Tell us you are interested by contacting us: Use the contact form  to tell us a little about yourself and why you want to be an Ambassador

Watch this page, follow our media channels and interact on our Facebook Page is the first step. This will help you to gathering relevant and helpful material/ideas.

Fix together a stream team. Find people who are passionate about the idea as much as yourself. Get together a team of people who enjoy gaming and sign them up to the idea.

Promote SGC and WewanaPlay, get people to download the app and like our pages and ideally get supports to watch the stream. At the very least the 30 minute slot of their represented university should be viewed by a solid group of supporters! But lets see just what you can do :)

Help us raise some money: Let’s not forget, this is event more about the Children’s Hospital than us, so help us to raise a huge target by using and sharing this link:  Our charity appeal webpage

Well this may seem like a lot of work for the wrong kind of person and this is what our initial event is all about. We want someone with real passion who believes in SGC and has the connections to make it work in their university.


All our Ambassadors will gain valuable experience in PR and marketing experience by helping a start-up project succeed. Just imagine when this thing blows up you will want it as a reference. And of course long term careers could be in the pipeline, but before that we need a solid and committed team to help see this through.


Who knows where this could end up, the sky is the limit and this time next year we believe that we could be part of the biggest and badest gaming championships ever seen.


There is no pressure as we want this to be fun all we need is for you to be active, take part in a passionate way when ever you have time and leave the rest to us.

Further steps:

  • Explain how you play the game and why you chose this style
  • Banter and joke around during 1v1 or even pass and play
  • Describe what you love about gaming and any future upcoming games your interested in and why
  • Banter why you’re the best team in England
  • Maybe have a commentator to go through some of this content while also making some funnycoments over the gaming action
  • Dancing, singing, cheerleaders, cheering, harkem shakes etc are all welcome during the stream

Rules & regulations

  • Don’t swear
  • Don’t make any comments that could offend wewanaPlay or our sponsors
  • Keep any alcohol consumption within reasonable and controllable levels
  • Racism, homophobia, sexism etc is unacceptable

Failure to follow these rules may result in your stream being cut.

What will make a great stream?

This event is for a good cause as well as getting us some serious exposer. SO what we need primarily is to get viewers for your stream.

Getting 100 viewers: This is key, we want you to represent your university and be supported by your university. Getting more viewers means more exposure and donations.

How to do this: Network! Contact heads of society’s, spread the word and get people excited. Gaming, IT, Charitable and even sports society’s could all be key contact to increase the number of viewers during your stream.

Getting donations: even if people/societys are not interested in watching/ supporting your stream (even though they should be) get them to donate. Spread the following donation link as far and wide as possible:

Get interest: We have big names on-board such as Microsoft and Rebllion who are also streaming alongside our ambassador slots. On top of this we may have a special celebrity guest or two joining in giving you  more reasons  to increase your streams viewer count. Imagine getting more viewers than these big name companys, this would be an achievement by itself!

Having the ability to get supporters watching your stream will show skill, commitment and passion and this is what we need from our ambassadors.

Resources for Ambassadors

Simply click on the arrows on the far right of the tabs and the relevant part will open

Your pitch needs to be adapted for your target audience of course. This example is for a gaming society (let us know if you want us to add other examples)

You: (Superstar Ambassador)

Hey, I’m Miss Awesome (of course insert your own name here!), an ambassador for WewanaPlay.

We have a pretty nifty application that will help increase attendees to your gaming events and it’s already used by tens of thousands of users. The app makes it super simple to notify your fans of your events and helps a wider audience know about your events too. It’s totally free and will help grow your society.


Society chief:

Wow…sounds awesome… but how does it work?


You: (Superstar Ambassador)

It’s a smartphone based app that works across all smartphones – something all your members carry around with them all the time. It works in three simple taps – you tap on the game you are going to play (or create a ‘other’ event for society meetups), second tap is simply the date and time of the meet (you can add extra details if you want), third tap is simply on the people you want to invite- but of course you can set up groups so that they are all invited at once. The app then sends out instant notifications to everyone’s smartphones so that they can all RSVP  AND CHAT to each other on the same page. The app will even remind them of the event through another notification 30 minutes before the event.

No more endless back and forth as everyone can see it on the same page.


Society chief: Sounds really cool but I don’t want to be endlessly adding people to my group – got plenty of hassle doing that with Facebook etc already


You: (Superstar Ambassador)

We got you covered. We’ve created something called ‘Follow Pages’ within the app. Think of Facebook fanpages where people can follow you and you can schedule with all your audience at once. That is how you can not only grow your audience but make sure they know of all your events too.

Of course there are so many other features still being build and that is why you can’t get a Follow Page unless you know WewanaPlay personally…. lucky for you, I’m an ambassador.


Society chief:


Why is it free?


You: (Superstar Ambassador)

The CEO, Deepak Pathak is a gamer and used to own video game stores so wanted to create something which companies will pay to be a part of but which users will never have to pay for and which companies would pay to be part of. Imagine special offers on games and gaming events…. that’s how they envisage making their money. They have some big supporters already especially with the Follow Pages which have taken off with Twitch users so they seem to know what they are doing.


Society chief:

Cool, I’d love to try it


You: (Superstar Ambassador)

Great but they are really only to looking to work with people who really want to support them as they want to keep their first supporters tight and really give you access to new tools first. If you can commit to encouraging your users to use it and that you will use it for events I’ll out in a good word for you :)