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League of Ragers and Trolls – The Problems with League of Legends

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years you should know about the gaming phenomenon which has taken over the gaming industry: League of Legends. The multiplayer online battle arena video game has shot right to the top being one of the most played games around the world. The game allows for 2 teams of 5 to face off against each other in an attempt to take down enemy structures reaching their base and destroying it.

As well as the game being popular amongst gamers, the launch of the pro leagues has enabled the owners, Riot Gaming, to launch right into the esports scene and take it over within the space of 2 years. Now every time there is a gaming convention, festival or event taking place you can bet your IP there is going to be a League of Legends game or tournament being held.


There are many game modes to the video game allowing for players to face bots set AI’s who can be played allowing for beginners to improve at the game. There are also 4 maps available:

  • Summoners Rift

The most commonly played game mode available which allows players to play against bots at a beginner and intermediate level. Also for player vs player (PvP) modes there are 3 methods of picking a champion for a normal game, a ranked game mode allowing for players to play solo (Solo queue) or duo (Duo queue) with a partner against others and a team ranked mode which gives a separate rank to solo queue or duo queue allowing for players who have teamed up to play against another team of 5 friends who have teamed up.

  • The Howling Abyss

This map allows for a normal 5 vs 5 of players whose champions are selected at random to face off in a smaller single path making it a complete bloodbath.

  • The Crystal Scar

The Crystal Scar allows is a normal 5 vs 5 map in which players must capture the objectives on the maps while facing off against each other gaining points by doing each of these. After the players have reached a certain amount of points the game is won. This game mode is also available in a bot mode.

  • The Twisted Treeline

The only map which allows for 3 vs 3 in a bot and PvP mode. This mode also has a ranked mode in which players can take each other on for a separate rank from their team and solo queue rank.


There are many different methods of communication within the game, one being a team chat in which you can talk to other team members. This same chat can be used to speak to enemy team members as well using simple functions such as ‘/all’ allowing for everyone to read the chat. Other methods of communicating are using programmes such as Cursevioce, Teamspeak and Skype. These allow for verbal communication to be passed on to people rather than having to type as there are moments in which decisions need to be made within seconds.


However despite it being such a popular game there are many who despise the community within the game claiming it’s predominantly ruled by ragers and trolls. As League of Legends is a team based game and requires people to work together many fail to understand this concept and resort to getting emotional. Ragers are players within game who often use offensive language or attempt to harass other players within game ruining the gaming experience for everyone. Trolls are players who deliberately intend to ruin games by purposely playing with the intent of not winning and handing the enemy teams the win. Both ragers and trollers present themselves in many different forms and methods.


Riot have taken action on these people and had put into place a tribunal system which allowed for the accused players who had been reported to be judged by players. There would be a mass vote on what punishment a player would be given which varied from chat restriction not allowing players to communicate, suspension of rank games after a certain amount of normal games have been played, suspension of playing for a certain amount of days and banned completely from playing the game again on the accused account. However this was recently stopped and a new system in which an AI would do this whole process and judge based on its instruction. Riot have claimed that behaviour of players has been improving steadily however players have clearly shown on many Reddit posts that this is not the case.


Troller Example- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdg6cnE6IyM

Rager Example- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swnnSKotj2o


So the big question is what can we do in order to improve this community? Well after digging up many possibilities there are 3 that have stood out to me.


  • Don’t play with random people and only play with those you know, scheduling the times you wish to play with each other. Recently new methods of communication have been introduced such as the WewanaPlay app. This allows for players to schedule and sync the times they wish to play against each other by creating events in which they can stick to.


  •  Riot introduces a new miracle method of firmly punishing players who have dodged and avoided any punishments. Now this method is a long shot and I doubt that it is going to be done however if by some chance it is this would be the most effective and efficient method of them all.


  • Don’t rage yourself and be nice to others you’re playing with. This is the most simple method of them all and if done would make your experience a whole lot better. Realise it is only a video game and that if you’re not having fun playing it you should take a break or play another game.


The League of Legends community is dynamic one and has many good and bad points with many other factors that should be taken into consideration when discussing the game. The fact that people get to the point of which they would like to ruin others experience and fun is just another day on the rift. Hopefully the methods provided will help those who have had enough and just want to enjoy the game.

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