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Minecraft for newbies – A quick explanation of the famous game for non players

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So someone in the Wewana:Play office finally admitted that they have never played Minecraft. After organising a lynch mob and preparing placards declaring they did not deserve to have access to the internet, we instead decided it would be a great idea to try to educate that person in the ways of the craft. (For the record…. the person declaring their ignorance to the game was soooooo not me).

The explanation was so good, we though we would share it with you all. Enjoy!

The Question:

What exactly is Minecraft and how does it work?

The Answer (from Eli, part of the Wewana:Play Tech team member)

Before I explain how multiplayer works I shall give you a brief overview of minecraft


– Single Player Minecraft –
Minecraft was a simple idea, the idea is to collect items by mining to build better thing, in a sense, level up & evolve.

So when you first start a game you have nothing but your bare hands and with that you can start breaking down trees.
Then once you have enough wood you can start making wooden tools which you can use to mine.
Then you start finding better items such as gold, iron, coal, & Redstone (can explain about that later)
So then you can build better houses, have better weapons & armour and create farms to live better.
The only issues you have on a single player game are the mobs. The bad mobs (of which there are many) range from zombies all the way to spiders. These guys will try to kill you so you aim to stay away from them until your strong enough to battle.

There are also two other places you can visit if you collect the correct items and build it one place called the nether which is kinda like hell and another place called the end which as the name says is ‘the end’ of the game where you battle a dragon.

All the above make up something called vanilla minecraft which stands for the standard version which still gets updated about once a week. (with minor versions)

What makes the game so much bigger is that its editable, meaning everyone that has a copy of the game and knows how to program in java can create new parts for the game. For example you can add new materials, new items, new abilities and well anything you can think of, people can program into the game.

Which is where people created mods by themselves and then someone came up with adding mods together to make a brand new game on top of vanilla minecraft.

So now there are following:

  • Technic
  • Tekkit
  • Voltz (brand new)
  • Hack / MineSo

with these new games people start feeling like there is more to the game which i guess stops people from getting bored with it as its always changing.
– Multiplayer Minecraft –

Now on to multiplayer, multiplayer is a massive part of the game where people can instead of building and mining by themselves, can go online and mine with friends, so the game can be sped up meaning that more people can help out their friends in building something or mining.

Thanks to all the plugins this can all be changed too, there is no need to just have the simple minecraft game on a server.
People can host modded versions of the game online so you can play games like drug trading where by you go collect items and you can sell them for money to be come a drug lord.You can buy land and start building big houses this one is very similar to standard minecraft.People also create custom maps like with quests and tasks that you can play with your friends.The list is endless.


– Summing up –

There are many versions of minecraft:

Vanilla: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IR1Lf4s6KE
Tekkit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55WxWVJ7XaI
Technic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhZBM1Hc83Q
Hack / Mine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGbF-SkLnt4
Voltz: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qYWX9x2SqY
Multiplayer lets you play the games you like online with friends.
You can set up your own servers easily.
It’s a community run game.

Sorry for long message there is quite a lot of details to give :)

– No Eli, that works well enough thanks!

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