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New version of the Wewana:Play app! July 2013 release

We are really happy to announce an updated version of the Wewana:Play app is being released today!

(Version 2.1.3 –  July 2013 Release)


We have some awesome new features that we would love to show you:


New Groups Feature:


Version 2.1.3 - Groups 1


We are really happy to announce the first stage in our Clan support schedule.

You can now create groups within the app so that you can invite all your friends with one simple click.

You simply visit the ‘Friends Tab; where you will find the ‘Manage Groups’ button.

From here you can:

  • Create and manage Groups
  • Add people to groups
  • Remove people from groupsVersion 2.1.3 - Groups 2





These groups will be shown to you when you create events, so that you can invite your selected friends with one simple click.

You could create groups for:

  • Your Clans
  • Certain Groups of Friends
  • Work Mates
  • Good players / not so great players
  • or anything else!

At this stage the groups are private and only visible to you. In due time we will open this out so that you can share groups and request to join certain groups too!





About Page:

Version 2.1.3 - About Page


Under the settings menu you will find a brand new ‘About’ page. This page conveniently links you to numerous pages:


The page also displays our latest version number so you can be sure you have the latest version.







New ways to search:


Version 2.1.3 - SearchYou spoke and we listened!

We have made it even easier to search for people you know who already use Wewana:Play.

We automatically connect you to Facebook, Xbox and Steam friends using the app (if you login using those services), but now you can also search for users in multiple ways.

You can search for people using:

  • Their WewanaID (which you should setup in the ‘Profile’ Section)
  • Their Gamertags (choose between PS3, Xbox and Steam)
  • Their Real Names

so no more excuses, finding your friends is easier then ever! Don’t forget adding friends earns you Gamer Points too!







New Invite Players Layout:


Version 2.1.3 - Invite Page


With all the great new features in the app, we decided to make the process of creating an event even smoother too.

Once you have selected the game you want to play, you then tell our app the time and date you wish to play (alongside any advanced details such as the length of time you will be playing, whether players can invite their friends and if there is a limit on the number of players that can join), before you get to our revamped ‘Invite Players’ screen.

On this screen you will now see three tabs.

The  first will list all your friends on the app so you can very easily invite them one by one using our original system.

The second tab list everyone we know in your friends list that HAS the game you want to play.

They have to logged into their online networks via the app for us to know us (or added it directly into their favourites). So be sure to update your settings page with your login details so that your friends will know which games you have too.

The last tab is of course our new ‘Groups’ feature which will list all the groups you have personally created, allowing you to groups of friends with one simple click.




Whats next?


The Android Version of the App should be live within a few hours with the IOS (Apple) version being live within a few days (Apple take longer to review the app, sorry!). The web based version is already updated to the latest version.

Over the next few weeks you will be seeing even more cool features being released including:

  • Our Blackberry app (already finished, just waiting for review!)
  • Our Windows app – Yep we are sooooo going there!
  • PS4 integration (it’s happening baby!)
  • Adding a full list of games for your guys to choose from
  • many more surprise features and collaborations in time for next gen gaming!


We really hope you like what we are doing here at Wewana:Play because this is an app that is being made to be useful to you, the gamers. Be sure to like and regularly visit our Facebook page where we regularly ask for suggestions as well as promoting key contributors to our inner circle of ‘Ambassadors’.

If you feel you would make a great ambassador be sure to send us a message detailing why (along with contact details) and we will get back to you asap.

Enjoy the new app and be sure to tell all your gaming friends to use it too!


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  • Abdul - July 31, 2013 reply

    Gotta say love the idea of the new feature can’t wait to try it out

  • Arjun - July 31, 2013 reply

    Nice! been waiting for group support! Great update

  • My - July 31, 2013 reply

    The new design looks much cooler and more user friendly, Cant wait!

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