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November Roundup – Check out what’s been happening in the ever evolving world of Wewana:Play

Wewana-Play-logoWOW – what a November, and we are not even done yet!

We only officially became a company some 8 weeks ago, when Mez and myself (Dee) joined the Oxygen Accelerator, in order to propel our vision and business plan into a full blown reality.

Little did we know just how much we would sacrifice eating, social lives and at some points our sanity in order to announce some happy news today… we finally submitted our first beta version of Wewana:Play to the App store just today!!

It’s Party Time!!

To celebrate we are going to continue to work hard all day, meet gamers face to face at our Social Gaming Event at Urban Coffe tonight and then network with about 70 other entrepreneurs at a regular meetup….

Wait, what? That is what we call celebrating??!

Nope, but submitting the app is simply step one of our long journey…  It’s been a huge task to get to this point from literally having nothing at the start of October, but we will truly celebrate when we have 1,000 gamers who regular use the app and love the tools that we provide them.

Ok, to tell a little truth, when we meet gamers this evening we will be playing Halo 4 with them, so I guess you can say we will take some time off. I’m sure there will be a few hi-fives and maybe even some group hugging, but tomorrow it’s back to work towards our showcase day at Launch48 London next week.

Life in a startup sure is fast paced, but it’s incredibly rewarding too. Here is a quick roundup of our month so far:


November Roundup


First Official Event

Wewana Play first official event

The start of November began in style with the ‘alpha’ testing of Wewana:Play app. The concept worked!



Some of the tech team working late:


WewanaPlay Tech Team working late pic

As in the norm with startups, you work late fixing things which should have worked last week! Here are Mez and Abdul pretending to work.



Branding starts to take shape:


Wewana:Play Rolling Banner

Time for some branding… we wanted to be noticed where ever we went so why not start with a 2m rolling banner.


Wewana:Play tshirt and badge

No branding is complete without a T-shirt and badge…


GAME  – Midnight launch events – Wewana:Play had special permission to gain feedback from their customers:


Interviewing customers at Game events

Dee using his research skills on GAME’s manager… if you want to know about gamers, go where they hang out…


Launch Conference – 2 day conference introducing Wewana:Play to the who’s who of the gaming world:


Wewana:Play Launch Conf display

Wewana:Play’s Co-founder Dee and Mez rocking their stand at launch conf


Mez and Dec at Launch Party

Even when we are partying at Marco Pierre White’s restaurant, we are rocking Wewana:Play


Wewana:Play gaining some amazing feedback and guidance from Codemasters


Watch out for part two next week, where we will sum up the rest of our eventful Novemeber.


Remember to join our social media profiles here:

You can find us on Twitter :  @wewana_play

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  • Max - November 30, 2012 reply

    I cannot wait for your app ! Let me know as soon as I can use it !

  • Georgia - November 30, 2012 reply

    I can’t wait for this, its really going to help me planning my nights in gaming!

  • Piotr - November 30, 2012 reply


    Now these are some lovely pictures guys!

    Keep up the good work!

    Best regards,

  • Gabriele - November 30, 2012 reply

    Great! I’m waiting! And I want the t-shirt!

  • Hussain - November 30, 2012 reply

    Sweet. Should make my life so much easier. Looks like you’ve been really busy and i hope its been a lot of use to you. Good luck with it and please keep me up to date. I REALLY want this app

  • Amir - November 30, 2012 reply

    Good job guys,
    I am happy to see everything is going well for you.
    Looking forward to your great app.

  • lauren - November 30, 2012 reply

    Well done guys!
    Great progress, can’t wait to get the app!

  • Siri - December 4, 2012 reply

    Well done you’ve made it this far. Looking forward to hearing your updates and the app. Good job!

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