Wewana:Play is a UK based startup that has developed the ultimate app for video gamers.
A smartphone app that connects gamers and lets them schedule games in advance.


The idea was the brainchild of Deepak (CEO WewanaPlay) who often faced one of the common problems with the growing world of online gaming  –  the inability to effectively organise gaming sessions with friends.

The usual process is very reactive, involving going online, seeing who else is online and then calling and texting others to get them online. A real pain in the…..

Playing alone online isn’t fun due to three common reasons:

  • Quite often, players are much better than you (you stand no chance and have no fun)
  • When you are better than others they go AWOL or quit the game meaning you spend more time in lobbies than actually playing (such a problem that Black Ops has an achievements for players that stay in a game even when they are losing)
  • Lastly the common fowl mouthed player who spends more time speculating about the promiscuity of your parents and siblings than actually playing the game

So frustrating that Deepak would often throw away his headset, switch off the console and simply stop playing.

Until he came up with the solution that was to be WewanaPlay.

The first version of the app released during the last quarter of 2012. Since then, many iterations have followed, including a full redesign introduced in March 2013 and then March 2014 again. The new and improved version caught the attention of major publishers that sparked exciting discussions and ideas.

The app surpassed it’s first 10,000 users on September 2nd 2013 and continues to grow rapidly. The app is available on:

  • IOS Devices
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Web based version that works in your browser
  • and a Windows version is in the pipeline


Download Links

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App Store:
Play Store:


Awards & Recognition

  • November 2012: Nominated for Launch Gaming Conference Award:  ‘Best New Startup’
  • April 2013: Winner: Science Capital – Digital World Meeting, Best Business Plan Award


Selected Articles

    • WewanaPlay highlighted in upcoming tech company in Birmingham: The Guardian
    • Extended feature in Issue 6 of  Retro Game News:
      – Phil Wheatley, Retro Gaming News – Issue 6
    • Mention of CEO (Deepak Pathak)’s talk on WewanaPlay at launch conference
      – Jedrzej Czarnota, Gamesutra



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