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PS4 : Next Generation Of Lighting Technology: Enlighten



Geometrics Studio is proud of its light management engine ‘Enlighten’ and is telling the world. The¬†technology¬†is already used on games such as: ‘The Secret World’ and ‘Battlefield 3’ but it has been updated by the studio to try to amaze us all on PS4, as shown by these new demonstration videos.

Understand that we are just talking about the management of lights here, not the graphics engine.


First Part Of Enlighten, Lighting Technology for the Next Generation.



Second Part of Next Generation Of Lighting Technology, Enlighten.

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  • Tom - March 20, 2013 reply

    I don’t usually care for graphics as unlike many I cannot even tell the difference between HD and Blue Ray, but wow- these videos look very realistic. Would blow my mind playing those games.

  • Drew - March 20, 2013 reply

    I really like those videos…. The lighting technology is very good!

  • wow13 - March 20, 2013 reply

    It’s great. All games should have it

  • phil24 - March 20, 2013 reply

    cool videos.. next time i will play games with this lighting technology will be very cool

  • Philpott - March 20, 2013 reply

    Wow, that is so atmospheric. It’ll be more like playing in a film than a game. Real time CGI!

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