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Some crazy ideas for your video game food

Are you planning a great gaming event or a party and need some special things for it?

After scheduling this event with the awsome WEWANA:Play app you may can prepare some special food for your friends!

Look at the picutes below to get some impressions. It will be e great surprise for your friends!

Maybe you also can tell us which gaming food is your favourite??

1b Space Invaders3 Video Game

There are some very simple ways to create some cool and good tasting video gamimg food…

1a Food Video Game

However, if you have a bit more time maybe try to do video game food like this!

You and your friends like Kirby? Here are some ideas for your lunch.

Kirby5 Video Game

Kirby6 Video Game

Or you just want some video game cookies or a cake to have fun at a short break…

Kirby2 Video Game

Kirby4 Video Game

After a long gaming night you need a healthy gaming breakfast!

Kirby1 Video Game


Bioshock Video Game

Do you think this Bioshok gaming lunch will taste good?

We also find a lagre variety of angry birds gaming food:

Angry Birds 2Video Game

Angry Birds Gaming Pizza!

Angry Birds 3 Video Game

Some very tasty angry gaming fruits.

There are choices for your next breakfast:

Angry Birds3 Video Game Angry Birds Video Game

Angry Birds 4 Video Game

Angry Birds 7 Video Game Angry Birds 6 Video Game

We found angry birds video game lunch as well…

Angry Birds 5 Video Game

Angry Birds4 Video Game

Check out those great controllers gaming lunch boxes:

1Controller PS3 Video Game 12Controller Video Game Food 12Nintendo DS Video Game

Surprise your friends who are fans of the Legacy of Zelda!

Either with some delicious video game sweets…

Zelda3 Video Game

… or a creative gaming lunch box!

Zelda2 Video Game

Zelda Link Video Game

Zelda Link2 Video Game

Maybe a little easier are those Tetris video game food creations for cakes,

Tetris4 Video Game

for gaming lunch time…

Tetris5 Video Game

Tetris Video Game

or even very simple snacks!

Tetris 2 Video Game

A very big deal are those Super Mario video game food creations.

Super Mario Yoshi Video Game

There is a pea Yoshi,

Super Mario Video Game9

… and also a very healthy Bowser!

Or do you prefer sweet snacks and muffins?

Super Mario Video Game8

Super Mario Video Game7

Super Mario Video Game4

However there is also a large variety of Super Mario gaming lunch boxes as well…

Super Mario Video Game6

Super Mario Video Game5

Super Mario Video Game3 Super Mario Video Game2

Super Mario Video Game

You really like Sackboy? Try out how the gaming food version taste!

Sackboy Video Game

Besides we found one Sonic gaming food lunch box…

Sonic Video Game

… and one Sonic video game cake!

Sonic2 Video Game

Give a chance to those Space Invaders gaming food!

Space Invaders Video Game

Space Invaders2 Video Game

Or try out this tricky Raving Rabbit gaming lunch box.

Raving Rabbid Video Game

We can also recommend those Portal gaming food inventions to you!

Portal4 Video Game

Portal5 Video Game

Portal3 Video Game

Portal2 Video Game

Portal Video Game

Or do you more prefer this Pokemon gaming lunch boxes?

Pokemon Video Game

Pokemon3 Video Game

If you just need some snacks, there are Pokemon gaming sandwiches and muffins too.

Pokemon4 Video Game

Pokemon2 Video Game

Last but not least:

A plenty package of Pacman gaming food!

Pacman Video Game7

Pacman Video Game13

Pacman Video Game6

Very simple, healthy fruits and vegetables!

Pacman Video Game3

Pacman Video Game2

Pacman Video Game2b

A bit more difficult, a whole meal of Pacman gaming food.

Pacman 3 Video Game8

Pacman Video Game4

Pacman 4 Video Game9

Some sweet Pacman video game snacks!

Pacman 5 Video Game10

Pacman 6 Video Game11

Pacman 7 Video Game12

Pacman 1 Video Game

Pacman 2 Video Game

And you can also eat fast Pacman gaming food!

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  • Hanna - February 28, 2013 reply

    I think I will try out the Pacman Burger!!

  • Eli Stone - February 28, 2013 reply

    This just makes me hungry and want to play games :(

  • Shirley - February 28, 2013 reply

    I think the last picture is the easiest one… 😀

    Hanna - February 28, 2013 reply

    Thank you for your comment!

  • Max - February 28, 2013 reply

    i’m hungry with all this food! :)

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