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The launch of the Student Gaming Championships

WewanaPlay are proud to introduce an awesome, brand new weekly league for all students across the UK, no matter what your level of skill.

This is your chance to play against other schools, colleges and universities to prove that you’re the best and be crowned Student Gaming Champion!

So, if you think you can play the other teams off the park in FIFA 15, you’re guaranteed to be top of the podium in Mario Kart, if you’re sure you can smash the competition in Smash Bros or, if you know you’ll be getting PENTAKILLS all over the rift of League of Legends then sign up now to join the weekly leagues and prove that your team is the best!

The site will be up Monday, until then you can enter your teams using this dedicated Facebook page


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Interview with Streamer FOXDROP (aka Dan)

We met up with UK based League of Legends Youtuber Foxdrop to get a glimpse into his amazing growth story. Enjoy and leave your comments below.


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m from Essex, south end in Essex that’s where I’m from – I’m 20 years old. Went to a grammar school in the area, I had some issues with my life and had to drop out of school when I was 17. I lost my girlfriend, my friends, my sports, I lost everything and to be perfectly honest with you I was on the ropes and then I thought I’d just start youtubing or whatever, just to do something… I’m still no-where near normal and perfect but I feel I can influence people and have a positive impact on the world and the money comes in which is nice. I can chip out around the house with my dad and stuff.


Can you describe your streaming style?

I would say that I strive to be educational first and foremost, but I also like to include some humour now and then, there’s nothing better than some dry sarcastic British humour so I try to chuck that in there every now and then.

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