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The 15 different types of gamers you will come across while playing games.

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Gamers come in all shapes and sizes. Chances are you have met most of these gamers if you have been playing games, especially if that involves playing video games online. Here are 15 different types of gamers you will come across whilst playing games.

1. The Hater

The Hater, possibly the most notorious of gamer stereotype, is the guy who is screaming abuse at you down your headset when you’re beating them or sullying your mother with “yo momma” one liners when you make the slightest mistake. Everyone hates this guy but gaming kind of wouldn’t be the same without The Hater.

2. Why So Serious

This gamer takes it all wayyyyy too seriously. Gaming may possibly be their life (or at least the most important thing in it) and they’re not hiding it! Because of this they are incredibly… passionate… about gaming, and they don’t take any prisoners in letting you know that your limited interested in the game “they’re bossing” isn’t good enough.


3. Playing For Jokes

Depending on your position in the gamer spectrum you could love or hate the Playing for Jokes gamer. This guy might seriously get on your nerves if you take your gaming seriously, but they could be the perfect match if you’re just after a quickie (game, that is).


4. The Must-be-Drunkard

This gamer is so bad that they must be drunk! And not only that, but they’re full of confidence in their AWFUL abilities! They won’t hesitate in telling you that they’re awesome and if they play badly that it’s just “an off day”.


5. The Lonely Gamer

This gamer does exist, but you may not have ever come across them as, by nature, they’re The Lonely Gamer. They’re not part of the gaming community and they don’t want to be. They play on their own, in their own time, and that’s the way they like it.


6. The Quickie

You’ll hardly see The Quickie as they pop up from time to time, squeezing in games when they find time. Gaming isn’t the highest on their list of priorities but they still love to play when they get chance.


7. The Sore Loser

Next to The Hater, The Sore Loser is one of the most notorious gamers. They often throw tantrums and even leave games before they’ve finished if the game isn’t going their way. The Sore Loser is potentially the most frustrating gamer to play with as you rarely finish a game with them, especially if you’re better than them!


8. The Control Basher

The Control Basher is one of the most common gamers we come across. They often love the game, they’re just not very good at it, don’t understand it or not versed enough in the rules, so they bash the hell out of their controller hoping for the best possible outcome. You’ll be able to tell The Control Basher from other players as they’ll be doing weird and unnecessary stuff in-game.


9. The Meticulous Gamer

The Meticulous Gamer is the guy who knows EVERYTHING about their game, taking time to get to know every nook and cranny of the online world, or every move, trick, or tactic to win. They love their game and it shows, spending hours and hours making sure they have the best possible chance of victory.



10. The Expert Gamer

The Expert Gamer is THE gamer at competitions, being so good at their game that they can actually make money from winning. Whether it’s by natural ability or long hard practice The Expert Gamer is the best person you know at playing their chosen game/s.


11. The Social Gamer

The Social Gamer knows EVERYONE online. No matter who it is, they’ve had some sort of interaction with The Social Gamer as this guy LOVES the gaming community. The Social Gamer spends so long with their online friends that it makes some people wonder if they have any real friends – although they seem like such good guys that they must be popular both on-and-offline!


12. The Cheater

The Cheater will do absolutely anything to win. From using cheat codes to implementing dirty tactics on their opponents, The Cheater often plays dirty and wins dirty. Sometimes you wish you could be as cut-throat as The Cheater, but then you remember you have a heart and it’s only a game…


13. The Lazy Gamer

The Lazy Gamer is one who may enjoy playing the game but doesn’t actually put any energy into it and is often not focused on it or even concentrating! The Lazy Gamer might have other things on their mind… But then they might also just not be that bothered about the game.


14. The Secret Gamer

Ever had that friend who looked down on you for playing games, and then you found out that they are actually a closet gamer? You’ve been duped by The Secret Gamer! These guys claim they don’t like gaming, and some even go as far as to mock you, but in reality they love a cheeky game of FIFA or even Candy Crush. You’ll finally discover their true identity when you notice their suspiciously familiar username (that could be nobody else but them) playing COD at 3am.


15. The Sheep

We all know a Sheep, the guy that buys the game or the console just because everyone else has it and plays it even though they don’t like it – and unfortunately it shows! The Sheep will be online just to prove to their friends that they have and are interested in the game, however, once they start playing it becomes clear that The Sheep is just that.

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