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The four most obscure simulation games that make you wonder why people even play them

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Since gaming is so extremely big there is bound to be a game made for every weird game idea ever thought. This is a list of the four most obscure simulation games ever made.

1.Goat simulator

The simulator that took people by storm in 2014. The games novelty comes from the many bugs left in the game intentionally. It was originally created by the studio to learn Unreal Engine (Game creation program) but a video of the game in Alpha stage posted on youtube caught the attention of social media and gained a massive response, causing the studio to create the game. Even though the studio who made Goat Simulator is transparent with the game being a small, broken and stupid one, it is still wildly popular. This game is a perfect example of how unpredictable and creative the gaming industry is.


2.Farming simulator 2015

The most realistic farming simulator there is! With several millions of players it’s one of the biggest simulation games out there. The main goal of the player is to harvest his crops/produce and sell them in order to expand his farm. If you’d want a private server for you to play with your friends you can quite astonishingly rent one for only a couple of dollars a month.


3.Trucking simulators

This is the simulator with the most different games made. There’s a UK one, American one and even a Euro one. The game objective is to deliver the truck’s cargo safely from point A to B. This could take a very long time in some of the trucking simulators resulting in players sitting and just steering a truck for hours upon end just like a regular truck driver (Some people wonder why not just get a job as a truck driver).


4.Surgeon simulator

Instead of going to medical school for 8 years you could just fire up the simulator from the comfort of your own chair and chop n slice away. The objective of the game is to perform different kinds of operations such as eye heart and teeth transplantation on a patient called Bob in a hospital somewhere in the UK. To be honest it’s not a serious simulator, it is more about having fun and enjoying yourself

A big reason for these simulators being so popular is because of how easy they are to modify to do whatever you would like. The utter ridiculousness often seen in the games also helps to spur the development of these kinds of simulators. Usually when you game you see bugs as something annoying and disturbing but in these simulators they are seen as funny and they’re often kept in the game because of it.

Developers even support and promote modding as a part of the games.

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