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The Immortal Influence of Greek Mythology on Video Games

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Few cultures can boost of providing a greater deal of inspiration to video games, than the Greek Mythology. Its centenary wealth of Gods, Creatures and Scenarios, has served to inspire some of the most influential and revolutionary video games ever.

The first video games on which we are able to see the presence of Greek mythology were Kid Icarus and Battle of Olympus both of them for NES, however, their story,  scenarios and playing modes were quite simple. However, Age of Mythology: The Titans for PC included not only a wide array of mythological creatures such as hydras, but the chance of interacting with more players, mixing strategy, and magical beings, including the almighty Titans. Therefore being able to exploit the rich complexity of the Greek Legends.

For those who wanted a personalized approach, Titan Quest for PC and Spartan: Total Warrior provided the option of playing heroes and warriors to carry out difficult and eerie missions. Godfire: Rise of Prometheus released in 2014 for Google Play is an example of this tendency: mixing mythology, and the opportunity to play the Fallen God Prometheus against a tremendous wave of enemies.

One of the major examples of how Greek mythology has served to inspire a fabulous video game, is God of War. Created by Sony Santa Monica in 2005 for PS2, God of War became an incredibly successful game. The third part of the franchise,  God of War 3 managed to hit the astounding number of 5 million copies sold, and the franchise, 21 million . The plot of the video game spins around the Spartan General Kratos, based on the demigod Cratos, an incarnation of power and physical strength. Kratos cuts a deal with the terrifying deity Ares to become his servant and carry out his will. The action begins when Kratos decided to follow his own path, defying the will of Ares.

From that moment on, you will play Kratos against a wide arrange of creatures and enemies whom provide a mesmerizing representation of the Greek myths, such as the battle between the Olympian Gods and the titans or the tragedy of Crono. The spectacular graphics, and the fierce battles with Ares, Hermes, Poseidon, the Olympian God-king Zeus, and the monstrous titan Crono, recreates perfectly the aura of Veneration these Gods inspired in the Ancient World.

God of War has probed to be a gold mine, exploiting the full potential of the Greek myths applied to the video games.  In fact, Sony has still big plans for Kratos and God of War.  After the last version, God of War: Ascension a prequel of the first one; Cory Barlog, director of God of War II, will develop a continuation to the story. After all, we can see that the inspirational source, the Greek mythology is an ingredient to develop not only successful but an inspirational video game franchise, till this day.

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