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The Most Popular Video Games Characters

Every video game has a hero or a character that we like.  Think about all the times while playing, that we identify ourself in our favorite video game character to live their adventures. In this post we have made a list of the most popular video game characters. See if you agree with our selection!

Super Mario Bros Gaming Characters


Mario super-mario-bros1 Mario is a regular character in the Nintendo video game series and his key mission revolves around saving the princess.












  yoshi Yoshi is a friend of Mario and he helps him with his missions.     Browser browser Browser is the villain of the video game.       Prince Of Persia Character prince-boxart1 price of persia The Prince is the principal character of the Prince of Persia video game where he attempts to save the princess.       Legend Of Zelda Video Game Character   Link link Link is one of the most popular Nintendo characters, often confused with Zelda (who is actually the Princess).     Zelda princesse zelda Zelda is the princess of Hyrule. She alway needs Link’s help in the game.       Lara Croft – Tomb Raider Character lara-croft-tomb-raider-2013-hd-game-wallpaper     TOMBRAIDERheader Lara Croft is a famous and fascinating british archeologist and a good fighter if it is necessary.       Bioshock – Big Daddy Bigdaddy-bioshock Big Daddy is one of the villain of the video game.       Jak & Daxter- Video Game Characters Jak Daxter Jak and Daxter are a couple of friends that live through various adventure in the video game series.       Half  Life  2 – Dr. Gordon Freeman half life guy Dr. Gordon Freeman is the protagonist of the video game.       Master Chief – Halo Character master chief halo     halo Master Chief is the principal character of the Halo video games.       Sonic Video Gaming Characters   Sonic sonicthehedgehog_2 Sonic is the fastest hedgehog in the world!     Amy Rose amy-sonic-characters-club-32033795-413-713 Amy Rose want to married Sonic but it hasn’t happened yet.     Mile “Tails” Power tails Mile “Tails” Power is a Sonic’s best friend.       Sgt Frank Woods – Call Of Duty Black Ops Character 2086.Sgt_Frank_Woods___Black_ops_by_spyash2.png-610x0 Sgt Frank Woods is one of the main protagonists of the video game.        Metal Gear Solid – Solid Snake metal-gear-solid-snake-eater-d-game-272611  Solid Snake: the man who makes the impossible possible.       Dovahkiin – The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Video Game Character Dovahkiin1 skyrim Dovahkiin: he is born with the soul and the blood of a dragon but with the body of a mortal. He is the principal character of the video game.       Final Fantasy Series Gaming Characters   Zack Zack-fair Zack is the protagonist of the video game Final Fantasy VII.      Cloud Strife final fantasy     ClooudStrife1 final fantasy Cloud Strife is the principal character of the video game Final Fantasy X     Yuna final-fantasy-x-2-vocal-collection-yuna-cd-dvd-big Yuna is a summoner with a magic powerful. She is a character of Final Fantasy X.       Altair – Assassin’s Creed Series Video Game Characters 5554.AltairEzio assassin's creed Altair is an assassin of the Assassin’s Rank and he is the main character of the video game.       Comment below and write which is your favorite video games character.

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  • Angie - June 19, 2013 reply

    Lara Croft is my favorite character!

  • Adam - June 19, 2013 reply

    Very good selection….I think that they are the best character of the video games’ world….

  • Jenny - June 19, 2013 reply

    I love Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy video game !!

  • Tom - June 19, 2013 reply

    Yoshi is too funny! He is my favorite character!!!

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