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Video Gaming takes on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

No one can doubt just how successful and fun the Ice Bucket Challenge has been for ALS, so it’s refreshing to see the Video Gaming world get involved in full force. Here are some of the highlights:



Well known Video-Gamers taking on the ALS Ice Bucket challenge:



Live Streaming extraordinaire  Tom Syndicate of (Syndicate Project) with his epic ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Shenanigans aside, this epic ice bucket challenge video by the popular streamer ‘Syndicate’ is actually quite personal as Tom mentions he has family members who have been affected. It is very entertaining and good on him for taking three nominations.



Marki Plier takes on the Ice Bucket Challenge with a twist, whilst also celebrating an amazing 3 million Youtube Subscribers

Marki Plier decides an Ice Bath is more fun than a bucket over your head, although we give full credit as he completely submerges and even goes into shock! Skip to 6 min 30 sec for the action.



Video Game characters get a little wet in the Ice Bucket Challenge:



Ghost from Destiny game takes on the ice bucket challenge 

In a bizarrre twist the ghost from Destiny take on the Ice Bucket Challenge although i’m not sure how much they knew about it! Apparently the bucket came from the moon and they return the favour by nominating other gaming characters…



Warframe Ice Bucket Challenge

Warframe game was nominated by Matthew Hoy of Gamesday podcast who is also featured at the beginning of the video. If you are wondering who nominated Destiny, Halo and Claptrap, then now you know!



Video Game Industry folk taking on the ALS Ice Bucket challenge:



The Playstation team take on the Ice Bucket Challenge

Shaun Layden, President of Sony Computer Entertainment America leads his team into the ALS Ice bucketing challenge. With an appearance from Ratchet (of Ratchet and Clank Fame), the Playstation team take a group soaking in the ALS challenge and give out some interesting nominations including a nomination to the President of Sony Europe to ice himself up.



Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

Notch takes to the challenge rather silently and does not seem to tip the entire bucket over his head, but his reaction is pretty funny. He then challenges a number of other gaming industry folk to the challenge which got the ball rolling within the industry.



Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and handles it surprisingly well!

Satya leads all Microsoft activities including XBOX work so deserves a mention in our list. Satya also makes some nice comments about ALS (including some indirect self promotion – but hey a little is allowed!) and really impresses with the way he handles the icy water being poured over him. Seems like an awesome boss.



Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox One Division take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Phil Spencer of Xbox One actually took the challenge after being nominated by Playstation! Quite funny to see that happy and very enlightening that this challenge is not only bringing a bit of fun and exposure to the industry but is bringing people together in unique ways too. He is a sporting a Portal T-shirt and keeps his eyes closed most of the time! Great nomination for other video game industry execs to take up the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge too.



Microsoft Founder Bill Gates takes on the Ice Bucket Challenge

So technically he is retired but come on, the guy who brought us Xbox has got to get a mention! Bill livens up his Ice Bucket attempt with some awesome slow motion and a little story too. Quite entertaining Mr Gates, we at WewanaPlay totally approve!



Did we miss anybody? Let us know in the comments below:

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  • Dave - August 25, 2014 reply

    This is awesome. It’s nice that something as simple as this can showcase the vast and exciting world of gaming and show their human side too.

  • Jane - August 26, 2014 reply

    Here is one you missed

    Georgia Connors - August 26, 2014 reply

    Thanks! We will add it now..find any more then let us know!

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